Help is on the Way When Someone you Love Has Died

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There’s a new service in town that will handle the things no one wants to deal with or talk about when someone dies. Grace Under Pressure LLC will help take care of the difficult details that make grieving families feel like they can’t go on. The company is launching today, and as an introduction, is offering 30 initial hours of the service free of charge to one South Florida family who loses a loved one unexpectedly and/or to a violent death, and the loved one died intestate (had no will).

The unanticipated death of a loved one rocks the stability of even the strongest and most closely knit family. If you’ve lost a loved one, you know how difficult it can be to seem strong and responsible in the middle of this searing reality. Every familiar sight or scent reminds you of him or her. If the person died before putting his or her affairs in order, those left behind find the burden of tidying things up almost unbearable.

There are people to be notified. Someone has to mediate the arguments between Uncle Jim and Aunt Sally. Who’ll go with you to the funeral home to help sort out the final arrangements? Grace Under Pressure will do that for you. Who’ll pay for the funeral, or take care of the last bills? Grace Under Pressure will sort and file the bags and shoe boxes full of paper under the bed to find the answers. They’ll call creditors to let them know when those bills will be paid, and that they can stop sending them. They’ll make hotel reservations for everyone coming in from Nebraska, or wherever. They’ll help you figure out what the loved one might wear for the viewing, and will help you find someone to do his or her hair. Then there are the loved one’s books, projects-in-progress, clothes -- remnants of a life interrupted--to deal with. Grace Under Pressure will take care of that too, along with the millions of other things that have to be done.

The service is available for the initial contact 24 hours a day, so families in need can call right away them when a death occurs. They stay in touch for 6 months after the funeral, ready to help with referrals or practical needs that come up after all the guests have gone home and the survivors are alone with the reality of the death.

About Grace Under Pressure Consulting:

Grace Under Pressure LLC, formed when the founding family faced just this harsh reality--being left to tie up affairs when a loved one died young and suddenly--knows that no family should have to endure it alone. They’ll work hard for you or any family suffering a loss, gently walking beside the surviving loved ones through this most difficult time. When the shock has worn off, families will find the deceased’s affairs organized, leaving loved ones available to attend to each other.

Families can call Grace Under Pressure directly. A friend, community member, clergy person or medical provider who knows about the tragedy can also call for them.

For survivors of intestate deceased, the service can be hired hourly or daily based on the family’s needs. The company also provides estate administration/executor services as described by your state for those who passes away testate. The initial consultation to determine how the company can help is free for all families. The introductory offer of free service is available to one family each month in October, November and December 2010.

Contact consultants Sonia Bailey or Suraayah Hunter at (800) 741-7517, or by email at graceunderpressureconsulting(at)gmail(dot)com. You can also contact them on the web at, or visit them on Facebook.


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