U.S. Retirement Crisis: Failure to Prepare Leads to $6.6 Trillion Shortage

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David Ning, a USNews.com “ON RETIREMENT” contributor, offers strategy and insight to those eager to meet the fiscal demands of their golden years. David Ning is also the founder of MoneyNing.com a personal finance blog, which he launched in 2007 in order to help readers understand how saving money on daily expenses builds wealth over time and creates financial security. MoneyNing.com enjoys a monthly readership of 300,000.

David Ning discusses important retirement planning milestones for Americans concerned about having enough money to sustain them throughout their golden years in his latest “ON RETIREMENT” post of USNews.com at http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/On-Retirement.

In today’s economic climate, retirement is a hot issue as few citizens over the age of 65 have sufficient savings to enjoy a comfortable retirement. A recent study by Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research highlights this dire condition.

According to the study, the recent economic downturn combined with a nationwide failure to adequately prepare for retirement has led to a fiscal crisis for millions of retirement-aged citizens. The study concludes that poor planning and insufficient savings have led to a $6.6 trillion shortfall nationwide.

David Ning is an author, advisor and founder of the personal finance blog MoneyNing.com. Ning launched his finance related site in 2007 in order to reach those struggling to manage their monetary resources. Over the past three years MoneyNing.com has evolved into a monthly readership of 300,000 and has developed a growing Facebook fan page. In addition, content from the increasingly popular blog has been featured on the NYTimes.com, Time.com and USNews.com.

As a regular contributor of the USNews.com “ON RETIREMENT” section, David Ning covers a variety of important issues related to retirement. In his latest post Ning outlines the important saving and planning milestones that are crucial for those eager to ensure that they have sufficient resources to support themselves throughout their golden years.

Ning also addresses other issues related to wealth-building and the creating of financial security in his regularly updated blog MoneyNing.com. The finance related site covers a number of topics including frugal living tips, ideas for getting out of debt and basic investing strategies. Subscribers of MoneyNing.com enjoy a free weekly newsletter and free access to both a frugal living eBook and mini course.

The 300,000 monthly visitors find the information available at MoneyNing.com to both timely and relevant as Americans face the reality of dramatically reduced earnings and staggeringly steep increases in the cost of living.

Visit http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/On-Retirement in order to read David Ning’s most recent USNews.com “ON RETIRMENT.”

Or, go to http://moneyning.com/ to subscribe to MoneyNing.com and to learn more about the comprehensive financial content available on the personal finance website.


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