Organic Originals Launches Operation "Hot Sauce 4 Heroes," Gives Soldiers On Front Lines Gourmet Taste of Home

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The tiny California gourmet hot sauce company Organic Originals isn't letting its small size get in the way of its big heart. The company is sending free cases of Pura Vida, their signature gourmet sauce, to troops at the front, through the organization TREATS FOR TROOPS.

Organic Originals hot sauce company founders George and DeeDee Ball, or "Papa Georgio and Gramma Dee," as they are known by their enthusiastically loyal customers, are stepping up to give U.S. and allied troops a gourmet taste of home.

"We wanted our soldiers to be reminded that folks here at home care about them and want their daily sustenance to be more exciting than military issue," says co-founder George Ball, who himself served in the military. Adds his wife, DeeDee, "Our sauce enhances the taste of every kind of food - yup, even rations." The specially-designed label on their "Hot Sauce 4 Heroes" bottles says it all:

"You, the brave men and women who serve our country overseas, are in our thoughts. We wanted to do something to make your arduous daily life just a little more palatable. This hot sauce will make any food taste better. Even military food. Thank you for your service, and come home safe."

Having a special label designed for the purpose was the first job, with which their graphic guru Edward Good of, also a veteran, was happy to oblige. The next challenge was finding the right organization to help distribute the product. They happened upon a small charity based in Tampa, Florida called Treats for Troops (

About "Treats for Troops":

Many of our young men and women in harm's way do not have access to a PX (store on base). They are fighting for our freedom on the front lines. And some of their families do not have the funds to buy them life's basic necessities and to pay outrageous shipping costs to send them a goody box. Two years ago Treats For Troops, in conjunction with Support The Troops has been sending care packages to remote military camps, hospitals and chaplains.

We currently have 250 addresses on file to which we send 69-pound care packages on a daily basis. Some camps receive more packages from us daily, because their needs are so great.

Distribution of the first cases of hot sauce to the troops starts this month.

Not even a year old, Organic Originals LLC is literally a Mom and Pop company. Founded in October of 2009 by husband and wife team George Ball and DeeDee Rescher Ball of Long Beach, CA, the company's local popularity has grown like lightning, by food merchandising standards. In addition to its home website, Organic Originals sauces are also available online at the popular site and are already offered in two Southern California retail stores (the health food mecca Erewhon, in West Hollywood, and the specialty shop Hot Licks in Long Beach and San Diego) and several restaurants, among them local favorite Bear Flag Fish Company, where customers have actually walked out upon learning that their beloved Organic Originals hot sauce was temporarily out of stock.

Why the unprecedented success?

"It's all about the taste," says George Ball. "which comes straight from the quality of the ingredients. We use hydroponically-grown organic peppers from all over the world, hand-picked vine-ripened tomatoes, organic agave and fruit juices, sea salt and other spices … but no preservatives, ever. And our sauces aren't 90% vinegar, as are many others on the market."

Also, they don't kill your palate. "Although they're plenty spicy, the bottom line is how they enhance food," adds DeeDee (who also, as DeeDee Rescher, happens to be a successful film and TV actress in her other day job - check her out at "Our sauces are amazingly versatile - they really are scrumptious on everything you put them on, from fish to chicken to beef to vegetables to sauces, marinades and salad dressings. People are always telling us about another new and wonderful way to use them. One of our devoted customers even loves using Pura Vida, our signature sauce, on chocolate pudding. I kid you not!"

Organic Originals' four delectable flavors are:

Pura Vida (or 'Pure Life'): the company's original flavor, a blend of jalapeno and habanero peppers, sweet onions, organic blue agave, lush tomatoes and secret spices.

Femme Fatalii: made with the legendary golden fatalii pepper from central Africa, along with organic pineapple and orange juice and unique spices that make it the best thing that ever happened to fish.

Hotte Chocolatte: using the delectable chocolate habanero, is spicy-hot, made with organic chocolate and sweet cherries. Akin to mole--rich, smoky and addictive.

Fantasma: the hottest pepper in the world, the mythic Ghost Pepper, or Bhut Jolokia, from northeastern India, blended with a unique recipe of organic juices. Muy caliente and utterly mouth watering.

About Organic Originals, LLC: "Papa Georgio and Gramma Dee" started growing and harvesting organic tomatoes, peppers and sweet Maui onions in their garden in Long Beach, California several years ago. Soon they needed creative ways to use their ever-increasing crops of this delicious home-grown produce, and hot chili sauce seemed like the perfect match. Through the years Papa Georgio created and tweaked dozens of different recipes, growing and testing a growing array of peppers from all over the world. When the results were taste-tested on friends and family the response was so overwhelming that eventually Papa Georgio decided to semi-retire his boat business and get serious about selling hot sauce to the public. These days, having long outgrown their kitchen garden, they have their exotic varieties of peppers grown for them at an organic hydroponic farm in San Diego, California.
As a company, Organic Originals is unique for another reason: its charitable heart. Years ago on a Latin American trip DeeDee and George visited a wildlife sanctuary called Fundacion Santuario Silvestre de Osa (, a non-profit organization wholly committed to providing rehabilitation for orphaned, injured and displaced animals indigenous to the southern zone of the Costa Rican jungle. Permanently touched by the poignant stories of these endangered creatures, they've pledged that a percentage of proceeds from every bottle of Organic Originals Chili Sauce will go to the Silvestre Sanctuary.

Interested readers can email organicoriginals(at)gmail(dot)com to get a subscription to Organic Originals' hilarious newsletter, "The Daily Newspepper," which is in fact not daily but more like every other month. In it you will find updates on all activites along with the latest installment of the comic adventures of the Eddie Bueno, the company's irreverent pepper mascot.

To try Organic Originals' mouthwatering sauces for yourself, visit them online at For wholesale pricing and terms, retailers and distributors can call the company at (562) 708-1863 or email DeeDee and George at organicoriginals(at)gmail(dot)com.

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