Spreadshirt and MogoTXT Join Forces

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Now Any Professional Athlete or Celebrity Can Create A Turnkey Online Merchandise Store at No Cost

Spreadshirt, a leading online platform for creating, buying and selling print-on demand T-Shirts and other apparel and MogoTXT, a celebrity-focused mobile and online news and entertainment platform, today announced that they have joined forces to deliver a powerful, turnkey merchandise sales and revenue generation solution for professional athletes and celebrities.

MogoTXT has a growing roster of professional athletes in major sports such as NFL, NBA, Soccer and MMA on its online and mobile news and entertainment platform. MogoTXT is a licensee of NFL PLAYERS, the licensing and marketing subsidiary of the NFL Players Association. MogoTXT holds group license rights to commercialize text messages written by NFL players, to create and market virtual goods bearing the names and likenesses of all active NFL players, and to create and market real merchandise such as T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Hats bearing the names and likenesses of all active NFL players.

MogoTXT also has a professional in-house, graphic design team that creates professional artwork for athletes and celebrities free of charge. The designs created by MogoTXT’s professional team will be used in celebrity-branded virtual goods and celebrity-branded T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats and other goods sold on http://mogotxt.com/.

MogoTXT has now teamed with Spreadshirt to have them produce celebrity-branded T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats and other goods ordered by the fans of celebrities on MogoTXT. The Most Favored Nation deal recently struck by Spreadshirt and MogoTXT guarantees that fans who order goods on MogoTXT will receive quality celebrity-branded merchandise at very attractive prices. The celebrities who sell merchandise through MogoTXT will avoid the hassle of selling merchandise on their own. MogoTXT and Spreadshirt will handle everything from creating attractive designs, setting up and maintaining stores, to promoting the items to be sold, and dealing with payment and customer support issues.

Now any NFL player or other professional athlete or celebrity can sell merchandise in an online merchandise store that is powered by MogoTXT’s professionally-created designs and promotional capabilities coupled with Spreadshirt’s advanced print-on-demand, sales and delivery platform.

“Joining forces with MogoTXT represents an amazing opportunity for Spreadshirt to deliver our value proposition to hundreds and even thousands of professional athletes and celebrities on a much broader and larger scale,” said Mark Venezia Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing North America. “The celebrities who work with MogoTXT will have stores that offer well-designed, high quality merchandise without any upfront costs or financial risk. The agreement reached by Spreadshirt and MogoTXT gives celebrities access to quality merchandise at the lowest possible production cost which enables MogoTXT and its celebrities to provide a great value to fans.”

MogoTXT saw an opportunity to fashion a deal with Spreadshirt, one of the recognized leaders in the print-on-demand business, to provide all athletes and other celebrities with the ability to sell attractive products at great prices to their fans.

“MogoTXT is very pleased to partner with Spreadshirt. Together, we will offer celebrities an unbeatable opportunity without hassles,” said Andrew Won, Chief Executive Officer of MogoTXT. “MogoTXT and Spreadshirt will take care of everything such as store setup, store maintenance, product refreshes, promotions, fulfillment and customer service.

A portion of the text messages posted to MogoTXT’s platform by a celebrity will carry ads for the celebrity’s own merchandise to drive awareness and sales. MogoTXT will also leverage the social network reach of each celebrity to drive awareness and sales.”

MogoTXT will donate a portion of each sale to charities selected by the celebrities. MogoTXT will make additional donations to charities supported by NFL PLAYERS and other charities that MogoTXT supports. MogoTXT and Spreadshirt have also agreed to produce merchandise for selected charitable causes at cost.

About MogoTXT
San Francisco, California-based MogoTXT, Inc. is a celebrity-focused news and entertainment platform that delivers innovative and engaging online and mobile experiences for both celebrities and fans. MogoTXT lets users sign up to receive personally-written text messages from their favorite celebrities, and to follow conversations taking place among celebrities as the conversations take place. Users can also view high quality photographs and videoclips on MogoTXT, and share what they like or find interesting with their friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. MogoTXT provides celebrities with an easy and convenient way to reach their fans and a superior, rich media presentation. When celebrities text, their messages are instantly displayed on MogoTXT and automatically forwarded to their Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and personal websites. MogoTXT recently added celebrity-branded virtual goods and merchandise to its product and service offerings. For more information, please visit http://mogotxt.com.

About Spreadshirt
Spreadshirt (http://www.spreadshirt.com) is a leading online platform for creating, buying and selling “me-shirts”, stylish conversation starters that people love to wear. Everyone has ideas and many of them fit on a shirt. We give those ideas the space they deserve: Spreadshirt's customers can let their fantasies run free on over 100 different articles of clothing. They can use their own designs and texts, or use works from other designers. Companies and clubs, artists and bloggers, individuals can also sell their ideas on clothing with Spreadshirt -- in their own free Spreadshirt shop. There are more than 500,000 Spreadshirt shops opened by famous brands, up-and-coming artists, and everyday folks. All they need is some inspiration and 10 minutes. To learn more about Spreadshirt, visit http://www.spreadshirt.com.

Formed in 1994, NFL PLAYERS is the licensing and marketing subsidiary of the NFL Players Association. Representing more than 1,800 active and many memorable retired NFL players, NFL PLAYERS “takes the helmets off” the players and markets them as personalities as well as professional athletes. Through an exclusive sponsorship agreement between the organization and the NFL, players are integrated into NFL sponsor activation programs. In addition, under an exclusive agreement between NFL PLAYERS and the NFL, NFLPLAYERS.COM, the company’s official website, is part of the NFL Internet Network. Each year NFL PLAYERS negotiates and facilitates extensive player marketing opportunities for players. NFL PLAYERS activities include retail licensing, corporate sponsorships and promotions, special events, radio and television projects, publishing and internet. For more information, please visit NFLPLAYERS.COM.


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