Dolphin Enables Data and Document Archiving to AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service(SM) for SAP Solutions

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Dolphin ArchiveLink Enabler for AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service(SM) makes possible seamless cloud storage for SAP system archiving, allowing IT departments to intelligently reduce the cost of storage.

Adding the cloud storage tier lets users align the cost of storage with the value of their data.

Dolphin today announced Dolphin ArchiveLink Enabler for Cloud Storage, a new SAP add-on that allows users of SAP applications to use AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service as an ArchiveLink repository.

With Dolphin’s solution, users of SAP solutions can take advantage of the dramatic operational cost savings possible with AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service, while maintaining seamless access to data and documents.

“The AT&T Synaptic Storage-as-a-Service option lets users add cloud storage to their data and document management strategy,” said Werner Hopf, CEO, Dolphin. “Adding the cloud storage tier lets users align the cost of storage with the value of their data. It frees customers to invest in high performance access for current, frequently used data, while shifting seldom used data and documents to a lower cost and practically infinitely elastic cloud storage services.”

Hopf notes that cloud computing has seen dramatic improvements in stability, performance and bandwidth.

“With data storage and archiving needs constantly rising, cloud-based storage-as-a-service offerings such as AT&T Synaptic are clearly a viable and cost-effective alternative to constant expansion of in-house infrastructure,” Hopf said.

Dolphin ArchiveLink Enabler – How it Works

Typically, ArchiveLink servers are connectors that link enterprise content management (ECM), document management or local storage devices to SAP applications for long-term storage of documents and archived data. These connectors require a server infrastructure outside of the SAP application.
Dolphin ArchiveLink Enabler interface leverages the SAP NetWeaver server’s built-in secure communication capabilities to connect to the AT&T Synaptic Storage cloud. This unique approach allows Dolphin to offer a very lean ArchiveLink server architecture that requires no additional infrastructure component and fits right in to the SAP landscape as an SAP ABAP Add-on.

“This direct connection to cloud storage offers a better implementation than the classic file system-based cloud connection options, where content is streamed to and from cloud through an intermediate file system,” said Vishal Awasthi, Dolphin’s chief technology officer. “The result is faster performance and byte/offset based access to the archived content, which is critical for efficient retrieval of archived SAP data and print lists.”

Because the Dolphin ArchiveLink Enabler implements the SAP ArchiveLink protocol, all existing applications in the SAP solution that use ArchiveLink can seamlessly use cloud for those operations. Common operations include:

  •     Outbound document archiving, e.g. SAP billing output
  •     Inbound document archiving (e.g. inbound AP invoices)
  •     SAP print list archiving
  •     SAP data archiving
  •     DART file archiving
  •     KPro based content storage (e.g. SAP DMS, SAPOffice)

About Dolphin

Dolphin makes crucial business operations like accounts payable, accounts receivable, order management and data management run better and smarter for organizations using SAP solutions. Focused on improving business performance through Information Lifecycle Management and Business Process Management, Dolphin produces the right solution for each customer, faster, through its unmatched experience in SAP technologies, and its proven best practices, tools and add-on applications for SAP solutions. Dolphin solutions improve business and IT performance, lower total cost of ownership and deliver high return on investment.

The company was founded in 1995 and has offices in Philadelphia, PA and San Jose, CA. Dolphin solutions are implemented across North America and around the world. For more information, visit, or contact sales at 888-305-9033.


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