3 Steps to Make That Splitting Headache ... Split!

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Twenty percent of all headache sufferers have headaches so bad that over-the-counter medications fail. Headaches of this magnitude may never be relieved by medication, massage, or changes in lifestyle. For those suffering chronic headaches, the answers to three questions may lead them down the path to permanent relief, getting them back to the life they deserve.

Headaches are the most common cause of absenteeism from work and school, according to US News & World Report. Approximately 70 percent of all headaches occur in women, and nearly 20 percent have headaches so bad that they seek medical attention when over-the-counter medications fail.

“While some headaches and migraines may be connected to the monthly hormone surges in women, nearly 30 percent are unrelated. In fact, women suffering chronic headaches find nothing at all “regular” about their headaches,” says Dr. Randy L. James, DC, BCAO of Denver Headache and Spine Center “They are not hormonal, not stress-related, and cannot be alleviated by medication, massage, or changes in diet or exercise. Many women who suffer these debilitating headaches have lost hope.”

The most debilitating, longest lasting headaches are often caused by a trauma to the head or base of the skull, according to Dr. James, who is one of only 300 doctors throughout the United States, Europe, Spain and Japan who is board-certified in performing the Atlas Orthogonal procedure. “A one-time event like a car or bike accident, a fall, or even a trauma that occurred during birth is often the culprit. Poor posture and lifting habits, occupational hazards, stress, or a lack of rest and exercise, can also be the cause.”

This type of chronic headache pain occurs in the the base of the skull when the Atlas, a small bone at at the top of the neck that forms a protective ring around the brain stem, becomes damaged. It effects the nerves, a condition known as Atlas Neurovascular Syndrome. Relief comes in the form of a painless procedure that does not involve drugs, surgery or manipulation. The Atlas Orthogonal instrument, developed by engineers at Georgia Tech University, has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration for more than 30 years. The Atlas Orthogonal technique identifies and corrects upper cervical subluxation, according to University of Colorado’s Dr. C. H. Suh, PhD. An Atlas Orthogonist is a doctor of chiropractic with advanced training in the biomechanics and neurology of the upper neck.

Chronic headache sufferers don’t have to live with their life altering pain. According to Dr. James, a “yes” answer to any of these questions could mean that relief is finally in sight:

1) Does the headache start from the base of the skull then radiate into the top of the head?
2) Do you ever remember having an accident that could have hurt, jarred or twisted your neck?
3) Have other doctors, a primary care physician, neurologists, or other specialists, been unable to help?

Dr. Randy L James, DC, BCAO is one of only two doctors in the state of Colorado board-certified to perform the Atlas Orthogonal procedure. An honors graduate from the prestigiousPalmer College of Chiropractic, he has been trained by some of the best doctors in the world to identify spinal/musculoskeletal conditions. Over the last eight years, Dr. James has helped hundreds of headache sufferers make the switch from living a life confined by their pain, to living a life free from pain.

Those who want to find out if their headaches are caused by Atlas Neurovascular Syndrome can consult Dr. Randy L. James at 303-795-7530, and request a free copy of The Headache Report: What Millions Of Americans Like You Are Now Doing To Finally Eliminate Their Headache Pain! at Denver Headache and Spine Center.


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