Now There is a Quick and Easy Way to Deal with Annoying Nosebleeds Caused by Taking Blood Thinners, Including Aspirin

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Blood thinners are anticoagulant medications that play a critical role in reducing cardiovascular risk. Millions of people take blood thinners every day, including prescription medications like Coumadin and Plavix or a simple baby aspirin. Many people taking blood thinners start to experience recurring nosebleeds, which while not life-threatening, negatively impact their lifestyle. Now NasalCEASE®, the # 1 pharmacy and doctor recommended over-the-counter nosebleed remedy, provides the quick and easy way to stop these annoying nosebleeds when they occur.

NasalCEASE® For Nosebleeds – Available Over The Counter

NasalCEASE is an outstanding product for children and adults. I know as a doctor, parent and patient that NasalCEASE is a nice advance in the first aid of nosebleeds. As a doctor I routinely recommend it to my nosebleed patients.

If you experience recurring nosebleeds as a result of taking blood thinners, NasalCEASE® now provides the quick and easy way to treat the nosebleeds and the negative impact on your lifestyle.

Blood thinners, also called anticoagulants, are taken to stop platelets or heavy cells present in blood plasma from forming clots. Doctors routinely prescribe blood thinner medications, and, sometimes, aspirin to patients that are at cardiovascular risk due to a previous cardiovascular event or other risk factors. The two most commonly prescribed blood thinners, Coumadin and Plavix, have a combined total of 60 million scripts written annually. The most widely used blood thinner is baby aspirin, with some 50 million people in the U.S. taking them daily. While doctors recommend aspirin for at-risk patients, the vast majority of baby aspirin users choose to take them as part of an overall wellness program.

A side effect of blood thinner use can be recurring nose bleeds. Data suggests an estimated three- to four-percent of users will develop recurring nosebleeds over time. While not life threatening, these nose bleeds can have a negative impact on one’s lifestyle.

Now those searching for how to stop a bloody nose have a better alternative to tissues and nose pinching. NasalCEASE® is available over the counter and is the quickest and most convenient way to treat a bloody nose. NasalCEASE® will stop a bloody nose quickly, allowing sufferers to quickly get back to what they were doing.

NasalCEASE® is easy to use and painless. Just TWIST the soft fiber material, PACK it in the nasal cavity, and GO on with your activities. This natural based bio-polymer –100% calcium alginate – provides the remedy nose bleed sufferers need. As soon as NasalCEASE® comes in contact with blood, calcium is released. Calcium is a coagulant which actively aids in quickly stopping the nose bleed. Calcium is released until the bleeding has completely ceased.

Calcium alginate can absorb up to twenty times its weight. As a result, 90-plus percent of nosebleeds can be effectively treated with just one NasalCEASE® packing. The nose bleed sufferer can easily insert NasalCEASE® and forget about it until the recommended removal, thirty minutes later. As a result the user can get quickly back to what they were doing.

Carter Stevens of Pocono Summit, PA said, "NasalCEASE® is great. Because I take blood thinners I get nosebleeds three to four times a year, and they don’t stop for hours. Sometimes they are so bad, I have to go to the emergency room and have them pack my nose. I recently got one for five hours and a friend told me about NasalCEASE. I went to a 24 hour CVS pharmacy in a nearby town. I put in a NasalCEASE in the parking lot and my nosebleed had stopped by the time I got home. It saved me a trip to the emergency room. Fantastic! It is such a pleasure to find an over-the-counter medication that works as advertised!”

Research shows that 30% of all U.S. households have one or more sufferers of frequent nosebleeds including children and adults of all ages and both genders. In addition to blood thinners, other major causes of recurring nosebleeds include: people with allergies, colds and sinus infections; people with Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT); people with blood-based diseases such as hemophilia and Von Willebrand's disease; cancer patients being treated by chemo or radiation therapy; and women who are pregnant. Additionally there are thousands of nosebleeds caused during contact sports, including activities like football, soccer and wrestling.

NasalCEASE® is a natural based product, 100% safe, without side effects and without any contraindications with other medications. NasalCEASE® is sold in boxes containing five sterile packs. Each sterile pack treats one nose bleed. The individual sterile packs can be conveniently stored and can be easily carried in a purse or pocket, ensuring easy accessibility whenever and wherever a nosebleed should occur.

Dr. T. Gumprecht, M.D., ENT of Redmond, WA, recommends NasalCEASE® to his nosebleed patients. “NasalCEASE is an outstanding product for children and adults. I know as a doctor, parent and patient that NasalCEASE is a nice advance in the first aid of nosebleeds. As a doctor I routinely recommend it to my nosebleed patients.”

NasalCEASE® is available in the first-aid section at national chain pharmacies such as CVS/pharmacy, and independent pharmacies. If a pharmacy does not carry NasalCEASE®, they can order it from their wholesaler for customer pick-up within twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

Nosebleed sufferers can request a trial sample of NasalCEASE® and $3 in coupons and healthcare professionals can request free patient sample kits by visiting or by calling Catalina Healthcare at 1-800-650-NOSE (6673)


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