Updated Version of the Diet Solution Program Promotes Eating Healthy to Lose Weight Permanently

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Isabel De Los Rios is a certified nutritionist whose weight loss plan the Diet Solution Program eating healthy, metabolism boosting foods for permanent weight loss. As a certified nutritionist and exercise specialist De Los Rios has spent the past ten years helping over 50,000 people lose weight for good with the aid of her scientifically based weight loss plan.

Certified nutritionist, exercise specialist and author Isabel De Los Rios scientifically based weight loss plan has been updated to include more easy to follow meal plans, helping dieters identify food combinations designed to boost metabolism naturally for eating healthy and losing weight permanently. The Diet Solution Program has helped 50,000 people worldwide lose weight for good http://www.thedietsolutionprogram.com/.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and Michelle Obama’s Eating Healthy Food campaign are both working to educate our over-busy nation on the negative impact prolonged consumption of fast, convenient and prepackaged foods are having on our bodies and our health. Both efforts have a vision of overcoming the obesity epidemic by dramatically changing the way Americans eat.

These works aren’t in vain: an estimated 67% of Americans aged 20 and older are either overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Worse still is the discovery by the University of Texas Medical Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology that more than 50% of U.S. women who are currently categorized as overweight by American standards, are actually obese when categorized by international standards.

Isabel De Los Rios understands the difficulties encountered by the overweight and obese. She herself carried an extra thirty pounds on her petite frame just ten years ago. Although De Los Rios worked to limit carbs, count calories, and eat only low-fat “healthy” foods, she failed to reverse the numbers on the scale.

Motivated by a family history of type II diabetes, De Los Rios worked to learn all she could about food and its impact on the body. Eventually she discovered that by combining certain foods she could boost metabolism naturally, which enabled her to lose those stubborn extra pounds and keep them off food good.

De Los Rios applied the information she learned to slim down to help others achieve their health and nutrition goals. Over the past ten years 50,000 people worldwide have experienced permanent weight loss with the aid of her scientifically based weight loss plan The Diet Solution Program. This all natural approach to weight loss focuses on metabolism-boosting foods to promote eating healthy http://www.thedietsolutionprogram.com/ .

The recently updated version of The Diet Solution Program includes detailed, easy to follow meal plans designed to boost metabolism naturally and help dieters lose weight for good all without the use of pills, shakes or pre-packaged foods.

Visit http://www.thedietsolutionprogram.com/ to learn more about eating healthy with The Diet Solution Program.


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