Peppa Pig the Most Popular Entertainment Brand Among 3 to 6 Years Old British Girls

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Peppa Pig the most popular Entertainment brand among 3 to 6 years old British girls, according to the latest BrandTrends UK report. And Peppa Pig's lovers are also more likely to appreciate Play-Doh as well as Charlie & Lola.

What is the most popular Entertainment brand among 3 to 6 years old British Girls?

Peppa Pig, the lovable, cheeky little pig who lives with her little brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig, according to market research company, Kidz Global, which reports on BrandTrends UK.

Peppa Pig leads the Entertainment brands among girls 3 to 6 years old thanks to the combination of a very high awareness - unaided awareness adds to 27% of girls - and strong positive attitudes towards the brand. Specifically 27% of the young girls place Peppa Pig as their favourite brand. Disney Princess follows as the second most popular, then Dora The Explorer and Barbie, respectively third and fourth most popular brands.

Rank    Brand    Brand Popularity Index    Unaided Awareness    Like it a lot
1    Peppa Pig             60.06                                            27%                     66%
2    Disney Princess     57.08                                             6%                            62%
3    Dora the Explorer     54.86                                            28%                    55%
4    Barbie                     50.47                                            13%                    50%
5    Disney Fairies/Tinkerbell    48.44                             1%                    59%
Source: Kidz Global / BrandTrends UK – Preschooler Girls 3 to 6 years old

BrandTrends is an extensive report that rates brand against brand. It covers over the 140 UK’s most popular entertainment brands, ranking them in popularity by age group (0 to 14 years old) and gender. Report updates are delivered every quarter, to monitor brand appeal over time.

‘Brand licensing is very big business in the UK. The industry has grown at a rapid pace. Retail giants are now heavily dependent on sales of licensed consumer products,’ said Philippe Guinaudeau, CEO of Kidz Global. ‘That’s a prime reason why a reliable guide to brands was needed. This is a tool for companies that want the facts about entertainment brands in the UK,’ added Guinaudeau.

Peppa Pig lovers were also extremely appreciative of Play-Doh and Charlie & Lola, in addition to Disney Princess and Dora The Explorer. In fact, Peppa Pig lovers would be more likely to purchase a product with Charlie & Lola on it than any other brand. ‘In the course of our analysis, we have uncovered some fascinating results that point to new, untapped market opportunities,’ observed Guinaudeau.

The ultimate purpose of BrandTrends is to evaluate the extent to which brand popularity translates into interest in merchandise - and in which categories - featuring tested entertainment brands.

To learn more about the BrandTrends services, email us at sasha(dot)wales(at)kidzglobal(dot)com.

About BrandTrends UK

The report combines consumer research, in-depth industry analysis and international trends in a single, comprehensive information source.

Every quarter, a total of 1,250 British kids are surveyed via an online questionnaire across the following four age groups: Infants 0-2 years, Preschoolers 3-6 years, Children 7-9 years, Tweens & young teens 10-14 years. Each age group comprises 50% boys and 50% girls. For infants and preschoolers, the parent is the respondent on behalf of a nominated child. Visual images of each brand are used to test awareness.

Analysis and reporting are conducted in the month following fieldwork.

A full report covers 4 different age groups and includes all the research data plus brand profiles.

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