Teleradiology Information System, a Different Breed- HIS, RIS and Now TIS?

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UnitedRADS, LLC becomes the first to give Bree-Z its entrance into the Teleradiology market as the new TIS (Teleradiology Information System)

I need to be current in the industry if I am going to survive

In a rapidly developing field such as "Teleradiology__ title __Teleradiology" there are few products that support its focus. Most mainline software solutions are designed for full imaging centers or radiology departments who do not have a main purpose of providing Teleradiology services but rather serving the local population on-site. Therefore, these systems have been forced to create modular packages that handle the basic needs but do not offer the complex options available to Teleradiology such as Advanced Radiology Study Assignments and multiple facility-based management. These functionalities that are critical for Teleradiology are unique to the field. Traditional Radiology Information Systems (RIS) do not cater to these needs.

Bree-Z, a newly developed product of JB Applications, LLC in Orlando, Florida, has created a non-traditional software package to directly compete in the market of Teleradiology. UnitedRADS, an Orlando-based teleradiology company, has abandoned its prior systems which were archaic and obsolete thus taking a huge leap forward in being the first Teleradiology Company to utilize the product.

Adel A. Abdalla, MD, President of UnitedRADS, LLC states "I am truly excited about this opportunity as it not only brings my Company into the present era of technology but it allows my business to be more successful due to my ability to be more efficient as Radiologist. I have seen a significant change in my workflow where all that I do has undergone consolidation and re-engineering. I need to be current in the industry if I am going to survive"

The founders of Bree-Z have 30 years collectively in the field of Imaging and Imaging IT. This is the tradition of knowledge that brings well designed workflow and efficiency to the product. JB Applications is revolutionizing not only the technology but has a revolutionary concept of pricing never before seen in the market. Consider buying the latest Money management product software. When paying for this product, they do not care if your business tops $3,000,000 a year or $30,000 a year; One product, one price. JB Applications, in its sales proposal, considers a similar approach. Why is this considered to be revolutionary? Well, in the medical field, almost all products take advantage of the industry's prestige, stability and money making ability to inflate pricing and to elongate the revenue stream so to speak. You could also call it milking the cow. We just sell you the mechanisms and tools to milk the cow; you keep the milk and the revenue it brings.

On November 1st, UnitedRADS will embark on this new Journey with Bree-Z to be a portal to newer technology and up-to-date workflow design in the explosive Teleradiology field. JB Applications to expand its offering by introducing a full blown RIS product coupled with its functionality for Teleradiology so those who delve in both directions can operate from one system in a concise and consolidated fashion. This system will include fully functional billing with DRA intelligence. Though the complete Teleradiology package is available now, JB Applications plans on having the full blown RIS/TIS package available by 3rd quarter 2011 or sooner.

For more information about JB Applications and Bree-Z as well as the full compliment of services contact us at 1-800-303-1971 or visit our website at

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