T.V. Real Estate isn't Reality - New Book Empowers Home Buyers with the True Reality of Real Estate

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"70 Things First Time Home Buyers Need To Know" from real estate broker and writer Jim Kimmons isn't the normal "party line" primer for first time home buyers. Part of the Turner Publishing "Good Things to Know" series, this book will prepare any home buyer to take control of the process, avoid manipulation, and be informed and in charge every step from beginning their home search through closing. This book isn't just for first time buyers, as many of the questions it answers are those asked by the author's clients who had purchased homes before.

Released on September 28, 2010, "70 Things First Time Home Buyers Need To Know" is a book that breaks out of the repetitive home buyer primer mode. Part of Turner Publishing's successful "Good Things To Know" series, the book skewers some of the practices favored by real estate insiders and marketers but not necessarily good for consumers. It is written by Jim Kimmons, a real estate broker and the Real Estate Business Guide at http://www.About.com, a New York Times site.

Jim says that the first paragraph in the Introduction sums up his goal in writing the book: "This is a book about decisions. ... the most important thing to me is for this book to remove as much as I can any chance of you making home-purchase decisions in a vacuum. Knowledge and information can fill that vacuum and empower you to make informed decisions."

Jim is a real estate broker who has held licenses in Texas, Colorado, and currently New Mexico as a dedicated buyer broker at http://www.GalleryRealtyOfTaos.com. In examining past transactions, he found that there were a great many decision points for buyers, from home selection through negotiations, and ending in the transaction process and closing. Without some advance knowledge of these approaching decisions, too many consumers are required to make them quickly, under pressure, and with only the advice of their real estate professional. In the press of the deal negotiations, advice can be flawed due to inexperience or other motivations, and buyers can make poor decisions.

This isn't a Realtor®-bashing book, but it is a real estate REALITY book. And, the reality of the situation is that there is a lot that home buyers do not know about everything from title insurance to surveys and avoidance of risks in buying a home. In today's real estate market, every entity involved is trying to minimize their risks, from lenders to home insurance companies. One chapter tip alone, about a little-used report of past insurance claims on a home, can save a buyer from big problems after purchase. It's about time for someone to help the buyer in the transaction to minimize their risk.

It's also a book very much about finding the right home and negotiating the best price. Buyers learn how to use the Web to find a home without getting harvested as a "sales lead" and shopped out to any real estate agent willing to pay for their information. Early in the process is also where too many buyers pay too much for a home because they don't go into the negotiation with the proper attitude and knowledge to save money. What they'll learn in the book is that the buyer should be in charge of the negotiation, including first offer prices and counter offers. It shouldn't be the real estate agent. While their advice should be considered, buyers armed with the right information will feel much more confident in setting the rules and pace of the negotiation.

Visit the book's website for the 70 chapter titles at http://www.70things.com/?page_id=10 to see how the home buying process is tracked from the very first comparison of renting to buying all the way to the closing table. Learn more about Jim Kimmons there as well at http://70things.com/?page_id=2.


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