Drug Discovery Scientist, Keith M. Witherup, Discovers Secret of Immortality Concealed in Bible, Confirmed in Taoism

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Former Merck & Co., Inc. scientist, Keith M. Witherup, has biochemically unraveled the hidden code for immortality. The quest for the fountain of youth technically began at Revelation 2:17, which states ‘hidden manna’ and a ‘white stone’ will be given ‘to him who conquers,’ the verse serving to disclose through symbolism that the Philosopher’s Stone of alchemy legend is within reach if more clues are found and interpreted correctly. So began an analytical journey into the scriptures to find an ingestible substance (manna) which would make one immortal when consumed (ambrosia), envisioned to produce a chemical change (alchemy) within the body that ultimately deactivates all undetected genetically encoded mechanisms for aging. Findings from the search were corroborated by solving the seven word Taoist riddle that alludes to an attainable state of internal alchemical perfection, namely, “Jade body smelts chemically life eternal pill.”

Many acknowledge that Adam and Eve were initially immortal, but when the tree of life—a metaphor for physical immortality—and its implied fruit thereof were hidden, humankind could no longer ingest something by which to remain ageless. Perhaps it was too obvious in we-are-what-we-eat fashion, that we could actually consume our way to everlasting life. The pertinent question, though, is how or where was the tree concealed? A natural products chemist/pharmacognosist with seventeen years experience in drug discovery, now working independently, has found the tree of life hidden in plain sight of everyone—in the dirt beneath our feet, that is, in soil chemistry. Once the true meaning of Rev 2:17 was firmly grasped, and with alchemy or chemical transformation in mind, references dealing with eternal youth in the scriptures were analyzed from a biological perspective to determine the primary biochemical agents governing human longevity. Suspecting all along that the Creator had designed the human body to predetermined specifications where aging and longevity were concerned, a list of biblical evidence was compiled and interpreted accordingly. A free 382 page compendium of selected writings that addresses the subject of immortality in great detail is available at http://www.asclepiusonline.net.

The most important clues associated with food and/or immortality are embodied in the following references, highly summarized: 1) based on the way relevant scriptures were worded, Adam and Eve (humankind) were physically expelled from eternal paradise simply by the act of God cursing the ground, which hid the tree of life as a consequence thereof, meaning ground soil chemistry was deliberately altered in a way that henceforth made life both ephemeral and generally more difficult due to a negative change in soil composition, 2) after cursing the ground—implying specific elements were added to and/or subtracted from the soil to make it chemically inferior and generally less fertile—there was a justifiable reason why God would favor Abel’s offering of red meat and be neutral toward Cain’s offering of plants, as chemically cursed soil yields chemically cursed foodstuffs, some food apparently cursed more than others based on their biological origin, animal or plant, 3) deciphering the arcane symbolism used in Ezekiel to describe the cherubim, who somehow guard or hide the tree of life from humanity according to Genesis, reveals they ultimately transfer from soil chemistry into body chemistry through the food we eat, preventing or introducing immortality via two distinct chemical modifications of hemoglobin and myoglobin (hemoproteins), respectively, 4) the immortal God incarnate deliberately cursed an out of season fruitless fig tree, such an uncharacteristic act designed to draw prophesied future attention to this tree by offering a means to chemically extrapolate how the ground was cursed by comparison, suggesting figs contain a significant amount of an essential yet subsequently rare element necessary for sustaining his immortality by the chemical modification just mentioned, 5) after extracting and simplifying the first four clues above toward determining the two elements required to generate the hemoprotein types necessary for either mortality or immortality, the highly restricted ‘kosher diet’ of the Israelites was examined to verify that God indeed controls our longevity through food chemistry, as cursed soil leads to cursed food leads to cursed body chemistry, i.e. mortality, and thus, 6) Jesus was being both figurative and literal when prescribing consumption of his holy, non-cursed flesh and blood to acquire eternal life, as life everlasting would subsequently result by a steadily progressing internal biochemical transformation if and when his unique hemoproteins were continuously consumed over time.

Points 4-6 above serve to reveal that Jesus’ genome and subsequent body chemistry differed slightly from ours—the ‘peculiar treasure’ (Exodus 19:5; KJV) genetically engineered by the Creator (‘vinedresser’) within a ‘chosen’ diet-restricted Hebrew lineage (Matthew 1:1-17) prior to Jesus’ birth—especially with respect to hemoglobin and myoglobin. This uniqueness effectively decoupled him from the negative influence of time via upstream suppression of all hidden DNA-encoded systems of aging.

Finally, the jade body can indeed smelt chemically the life eternal pill, and the end product of that smelting process is chemically similar to both the fig tree puzzle and the mystery of Jesus’ flesh and blood. Solving all three riddles together yields any and all bioavailable forms of a metallic element that will make an individual immortal when ingested safely at regular intervals. Specific information about that element may be found embedded withing the website given above.


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