BitSpray™ -- The Perfect Information Protection Product is Born

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WiredLess Networks unveils its new BitSpray information protection software that seamlessly provides ultra-secure storage and accelerated transmission of all forms of digital information, on and off the Cloud.

That's easy. Anyone can make information globally available. The problem is everyone in the world can access it. It just isn't safe out there.

WiredLess Networks, Inc., a technology leader in creating game-changing ultra-secure hybrid multi-technology networks and information security systems, announced the launch of BitSpray™ (patents pending). BitSpray is a software toolkit and application that secures information so it can never be lost, stolen, vandalized, hacked or cracked. It accomplishes this by:

  •      Compressing all types of digital information;
  •     Disassembling the information into data primitives (i.e. "data soup");
  •     Encrypting the data using a FIPS 140-2 compliant algorithm like AES-256;
  •     Dispersing the data primitives using a proven Shamir Secret Sharing method; and,
  •     Distributing the primitives so that no network path ever carries a complete information-set and no network storage location ever holds a complete information-set (just part of the spray).
  •     The BitSpray patent calls this technique "the data shell game."

BitSpray wraps an impenetrable blanket of data-level security around information so it is protected the instant it is created and BitSprayed out to multiple locations. Some of these locations can be local, like an office SAN or NAS. Some can be in workstations, laptops, and attached hard drives. Some can even reside in USB flash drives. But the most important aspect of a BitSpray-Enabled network is two or more remote storage locations are "on-the-cloud." The BitSpray software maintains an "always on" connection to at least two remote cloud storage locations. The software makes it as easy to store and move information on and off the cloud as it is to store and move it over your home network.

The great news is BitSprayed files never have to be backed up! And they are available 24/7/365, anywhere in the world there is a link to the Internet. There are people who might say, "That's easy. Anyone can make information globally available. The problem is everyone in the world can access it. It just isn't safe out there."

Walt Runkis, WiredLess' CEO, agreed, "That's why the word 'CLOUD' has become an acronym for the Complete Loss Of User Data. And it still would be, if it weren't for BitSpray. This unique software creates a data-level network storage and transmission environment that is so strong you can leave your laptop chained to a parking meter in downtown New York City and sensitive information will be just as safe there as it is in a high-security data bunker located ten stories underground. I know that sounds crazy, but it's not. BitSpray can be set up to disassemble data into six volumes and automatically send each one to a different location. Three could be local, such as an office SAN, laptop, and a USB flash-drive. The remaining three might be remote data centers located in San Francisco, Chicago and Atlanta. The software can be configured so that any two of the six volumes is a complete dataset. That means a terrorist could nuke San Francisco, Chicago and Atlanta, plus steal your office SAN, and you would still have all your data safe and sound on your laptop and flash drive. And what would the people have that stole your office SAN? Nothing! Even if somehow they could peel away all the layers of encryption, they would only have one-third of the information, all stirred up into bit soup. It would be impossible to extract information from that. Industry insiders who have seen BitSpray demonstrated believe it is the strongest information protection system on the market today."

BitSpray software can be used for a variety of applications. It can secure healthcare records so patients and healthcare providers can access various parts of the total record in a manner that would be HIPAA-compliant. Banks can use it to secure branch-to-branch transactions and records so that a hurricane like Katrina would not interrupt business, even if multiple data centers were damaged or destroyed. The Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration can maintain multiple network global information services capable of thwarting an insider's attempt to publish operating manuals on the Internet. Those are just a few of the many examples that might be cited.

WiredLess Networks, Inc. has developed a proprietary suite of network security and bandwidth acceleration products to provide ultra-secure storage and accelerated delivery of all forms of digital information and content over communication networks. WiredLess works with government, military, and commercial organizations to build customized extreme security data storage and transmission systems. The Company's primary focus is on developing BitSpray-Enabled cloud storage, banking, healthcare, and military applications. BitSpray software was written by Walt Runkis, a scientist, inventor, real-time telemetry and control programmer, and serial entrepreneur with 40+ years experience building innovative companies, and Mark G. Thibault, a computer software engineer who has worked with the FBI, Loral Space & Communications, Neopost, and projects like the A-6F Intruder and the F-22 Raptor Stealthfighter.


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