Elect None Of The Above - Angry California Voters Now Have This Option to Vote According to Senatorial Candidate Connor Vlakancic

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California Secretary of State Elections Division finally releases the certified list of all candidate names for the November 2nd 2010, General Election Ballot. U.S. Senator candidate, Connor Vlakancic contends that: "Elect-None-Of-The-Above could become California electorate voters Top-One favorite choice".

"Political Leadership – Greatly admired, but not understood, is thus under appreciated … voters are demanding change in Political Leadership in the pragmatic positive sense of change, not just alternating duopoly brands of spitefully career politicians".

After an untimely delay in releasing the official list of all candidate names for the November 2nd General Election Ballot, U.S. Senator candidate, Connor Vlakancic, is finally certified as the Ballot Approved Elect-None-Of-The-Above "outlaw" write-in candidate.

"U.S. Senator from Alaska write-in candidate, Lisa Murkowski, did not have to wait and wait and wait to be certified Ballot-Approved", said U.S Senator from California write-in candidate, Connor Vlakancic. Murkowski was summarily certified as write-in candidate when she refused to roll-over-dead as Politics-as-Usual Road-Kill following the August 24th, 2010 Alaska primary election. "California elections regulations are flawed in this regard … California's write-in certified candidate list should have been available right after California's June Primary Election" he said.

Vlakancic lamented: "But even worse for Californian's, the bottom-line travesty of the June Primary Election's Proposition 14, the so-called Top-Two Open-Primary, is that future such Open Primary Elections have actually resulted in future Closed General Elections". The Top-Two legislation, California Senate Bill 6 which sets the procedures to be used for implementing Proposition 14, has outlawed the option of an alternate write-in candidate on the General Election Ballot. This fact was not included in the Proposition 14 disclosure to the voters.

In a Motion for Preliminary Injunction lawsuit filed by Gautam Dutta, Field v Bowen, CGC-10-502018 in San Francisco Superior Court, multiple provisions of Section 2.5 in California's Constitution are violated. It states: "This issue is startlingly simple: SB 6’s ban on counting write-in ballots flatly violates the plain language of the California Constitution … A person whose name has been written on the ballot as a write-in candidate at the general election … shall not be counted.”

In plain language Vlakancic summarizes the impact on future General Elections: "If either of future Open Primary Election candidates turns out to be legally flawed, the remaining Top-Two candidate is totally immune to voter examination and rejection. Proposition 14 was fed to the electorate as more insidious political machinery 'Politics As Usual' voter deception".

California's U.S. Senate seat is getting hot and boisterous. A San Francisco Chronicle editorial, comparing Democrat and Republican candidates, actually decried endorsing either one. The editorial describes stereotypical political news media viewpoints; which of the two is the least desirable candidate. Vlakancic observes from pragmatic insight: "There is no difference whatsoever between these candidates because both are vividly polarized to the opposite ends of political animosity resulting that either will foster identical increased bitterness division in the U.S. Senate. How is it that the political news media does not get-it … ugly politics is ugly politics: no difference, simply no difference"!

He bemoans: "Ugly politics is the overwhelming Top-One voter issue as will again be demonstrated on November 3rd as California and USA voters must again suffer the disgusting pontificating from whichever political party captures the Speaker-of-the-House flag claiming that they are the chosen one and will endeavor to spitefully crush the other political party into political Road-Kill".

In The New York Times Opinionator, Sep. 29, 2010, David Brooks and Gail Collins question the validity of write-in candidates: "Do You Really Want to Vote for That Candidate?" "Not an issue" Vlakancic contends, "I did not lose in a Primary Election. A write-in vote for me is the only 'Elect None Of The Above' opportunity for the angry disenfranchised voters that refuse to vote for either Barbara Boxer or Carly Fiorina and desperately desire to vote for a serious qualified candidate". Vlakancic has 15 years of California and U.S. Federal political experience including formal Congressional training. In 1994, Vlakancic wrote the original version of the 'Contract with America' that he explained to GOP Rep. Newt Gingrich in Norcross, GA on August 14th, 1994. This original was copyrighted and published by the Library of Congress.

Vlakancic further explains: "A write-in vote for me will politically endorse my innovative nonpartisan California strategy to empower political change in all 50 states as a Commissioner in the Help America Vote Act of 2002".    He also proffered his appointment under the California 2008 Reapportionment Proposition 11 (the Voters FIRST Act). Vlakancic strongly endorses Yes20-No27 Propositions on the 2010 General Election ballot.

Many California voters are tabulated in various published polls. Referring to these California's voters with a tongue in cheek birds-of-a-feather-flock-together metaphor, Vlakancic said: "BIG roosters in a small yard are louder than small roosters in a BIG yard. As California's angry None-Of-The-Above voters, their write-in vote for me will be loud like they are BIG roosters crowing to wake-up all voters in California; a Battle-cry-of-the-Republic of California".

Whatever is yet another Rasmussen Reports, California poll, angry California on-line voters can instantly poll their own Politics-as-Usual frustration with a Facebook 'Like' at ElectNoneOfTheAbove.

"My name is Connor Vlakancic and I approve of every statement in this press release and you can quote me".


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