Food Shelf Life and Spoilage Danger - iPhone App Reminds You How Long That Open Jar Has Been In Your Fridge

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How many times have you stood in front of an open refrigerator and wondered "when did I open that applesauce? (or mayo or cream cheese or spaghetti sauce for that matter!) It was something that bothered the app's creator David Jack for the longest time. "I would find a moldy container in the back of the fridge and would wish that there was an easy way to keep track of how long something has been open in my refrigerator. Since the technology just wasn't there, it was always a guessing gameā€¦until now."

A fun & easy phone app that keeps track of items in your fridge and ultimately saves money by eliminating the need to toss old food. Simply scan the bar code -- and you're done!

Tracking expiration dates and shelf life of open items in his refrigerator had always been problematic for Jack, a nationally-recognized children's recording artist, so he let his entrepreneurial spirit take over which led to his completion of FRIDGE POLICE. It should be noted that out of the hundreds of thousands of available iPhone apps, this is one of just a few that ANYONE can use because everyone eats!

Keeping track of your open food is easy and fully utilizes advanced iPhone technology currently available. When a user opens an item (say a jar of jam), he scans the item's bar code (like in a supermarket). Automatically, the product info (i.e. manufacturer, brand, item and jar size) is logged along with the "opened on" date. That's it!

Since the "open" refrigerator life of jam is approximately 180 days (based on generally recognized government guidelines) the item is placed in an alarm calendar which can be easily accessed at anytime, and as an item's "use by" date approaches, users get an automatic reminder. Jack adds "We did a great deal of work and research making Fridge Police not only one of the most useful phone applications ever created for a large population, but it's also easy and fun." He also points out that this application is not about tracking a "printed" expiration date. "Obviously, if the printed date has passed, the item should probably be tossed. Fridge Police is about shelf life and tracking the date an item is OPENED. That's when that spoilage clock starts ticking."

Highlights include:

  •     Automatic bar code scan
  •     Manual UPC number input
  •     Automatic "use-by" date created
  •     Calendar with auto-alarms
  •     Built-in Photo feature
  •     Label "expiration date" field
  •     Shelf life recommendations

See David Jack's video demo of Fridge Police at

While he is not creating iphone apps, Fridge Police inventor David Jack makes his living as an award-winning children's recording artist.

Fridge Police is available for $2.99 from the i Phone App Store or at


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