Acclaimed, National Stress Program Makes Proven Training Widely Available Through Launch of EBT.ORG Web Portal - Now Through October 31 Only

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With most Americans overwhelmed by stress, emotional brain training (EBT), developed at the University of California San Francisco, offers a proven neuroscience-based approach. EBT gives you the power to process your emotions in a highly effective way that is easy to learn, practical, and proven. Until now training in the method has been available primarily through health professionals. With the launch of the new EBT.ORG website, introductory training and tools are also available to the public and free on-line for the website launch from now until October 31, 2010.

The national epidemic of stress is showing up in rising rates of anxiety, obesity, depression and sleep disturbances. Most of us reach for a pill, a cookie, a drink or the credit cards, but neuroscience is offering another solution: harness the brain's natural pathways to move through stress and back to feeling balanced and positive.

That's the approach of emotional brain training (, a method developed at the University of California San Francisco and the Institute for Health Solutions. Until now the method has been available mainly through certified health professionals. A new EBT.ORG website launches today, making the tools more accessible to the public. A free introductory video course with the method's founder, Laurel Mellin, and free membership in the website with automated coaching and social networking will be available through October 31, 2010 to celebrate the launch.

According to Mellin, an associate professor of family and community medicine at UCSF where she and her colleagues developed EBT, "In the last 5 years, the stress levels have become more than most people using conventional tools such as relaxation and exercise can bear. We now know that recent discoveries in neuroscience offer some solutions to this stress, which health professionals say is the root cause of 80 percent of health problems.”

There are 5 levels of stress in the brain and for each level there is a different natural process back to the state of balance. EBT has codified those pathways into 5 tools that anyone can learn. You simply check in throughout the day, identify your stress level, and use the tool that gives you the easiest, quickest way to return your brain to a state of balance. And when life triggers extreme emotions, EBT gives you a safety net to manage your life and eliminate destructive habits. With time, most stress symptoms – overeating, anxiety, depression – fade, and you will have a new level of control over your life.

Mellin, a New York Times best-selling author, just released a book on EBT, Wired for Joy (Hay House, June 2010), which describes the recent innovations in the method, including rewiring the "survival drive" for overeating, distancing, merging or staying stuck in a negative mood. EBT is available nationwide through health professionals who are certified in the method. They facilitate introductory and advanced courses in EBT through groups and coaching. Many offer on-site introductions to the method. Certification in the method for health professionals is available through the non-profit Institute for Health Solutions (

For a free introductory online course in EBT delivered through a video e-course with the method's founder, and a one-month membership to social networking and web-based tools, visit and register. A special seminar on food addiction is also available, with training in the use of the EBT tools to rewire circuits that fuel drives for sugary, fatty foods. Both specials are available on the EBT website through October 31, 2010.


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