Doctor Teaches Women How To Capture Cupid And Find Their Pot Of Gold

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Dr. Kala H. Kos Is Sharing Simple Secrets You Can Use To Stop Taking On Too Much And Settling For Too Little

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, Kos will teach participants how to tap into their own energy system to expand their charisma and release

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Love Is frequently depicted by two hearts pierced with Cupid’s arrow. But must we stand by and wait for the arrows in Cupid’s quiver before finding ourselves in the throes of love?

Wealth is frequently depicted with the image of a screaming Lottery Ticket winner. But must we stand by and wait for that Pot of Gold at the end of the lottery ticket?

Kala H. Kos, a doctor of psychology and international empowerment expert, emphatically replies, “No!” Along with modern-day science, she provides a different view – that attracting love and riches is a function of invisible forces. She teaches people how to use those invisible forces to attract the love of their life and windfalls of money and opportunity.

And what are these invisible forces? They are found within the hidden power of our own biology, which can attract and shape an abundant life, says Dr. Kos

In her upcoming telewebinar series, "“The Charismatic Woman - Awaken Your Inner Power to Attract Love and Riches in 60 Days (Or less!)" , Kos will teach participants how to tap into their own energy system to expand their charisma and release “attraction chemicals.”

“One technique, that can be practiced for only 10 minutes a day, while standing in at the bank line or driving the car, naturally releases a person’s pheromones,” says Kos. “People begin to notice themselves becoming more magnetic and suddenly miraculous opportunities start showing up.”

Do the techniques really work? Ayoma Fonseka, a master cake designer in Toronto, Canada, comments, “"This is the first time I ever experienced a formula that actually gives results. At the end of 28 days, my business increased -- orders started coming in from everywhere!" Shortly afterward, one of Ayoma’s creations was featured in a special bride’s edition of Wedding Magazine.

One of Kos’ students, Peggy Kemp, after practicing the inner technique to attract an ideal mate, was thrilled to announce, "Matt and I were married on Kauai, Hawaii, in September. I can't thank you enough for sharing the tools that brought him to me." However, Dr Kos is quick to explain that her course also uncovers women’s deepest limiting patterns that have kept them from being in a relationship. “It could be a simple belief like, “Love hurts.’ explains Kos “But if it isn’t removed and replaced it will always interfere in that person’s life.”

Kos is no stranger to limitations. In her twenties, she was diagnosed with a potentially fatal and incurable arthritic, rheumatic disease. From a vibrant life of unlimited opportunity she spiraled into a world of quiet desperation and pain.
One weekend, after suffering with the devastating symptoms of her disease for over three years, she discovered a secret. The more she applied it the healthier she became and a year later three specialists examined her and couldn't find a trace of the disease in her body. She had cured herself of an "incurable" disease.

Intent on understanding exactly how she had accomplished this, she began a search to discover the secrets to creating astonishing results. Kos says, “I became a serious seeker and spent thousands of dollars on hundreds of human potential/self-help programs. But none of the systems I studied provided results that could be duplicated and sustained over time - for absolutely anyone who applied that system.”

Then, to her great fortune, she was led to Kauai and a hidden knowledge of Polynesia that is called the ‘science of making things happen.’

“So, I went through a very special schooling,” Kos explains, “ and I discovered the unseen forces that impact our ability to create either failure or success, poverty or wealth. Anyone, regardless of age, sex, business or background can learn to recognize and manage these unseen forces and experience incredible good fortune.”

Ms. Kos passionately stresses that this is not just theory. “The same unseen forces that I used to cure myself of an incurable disease are the forces that have brought me a flourishing international career, a high level of vibrant energy (people think I’m about 12 years younger than my biological age) and the blessing to act as a catalyst for miracles in people’s lives.”

Her passion to share the most powerfully effective tools for love, health and wealth with as many people as possible led Kos to create a simple Formula that duplicates the ancient art of “Magnetic Energizing.” Anyone who uses it and applies it will see results.

“This is not about working hard. It's about free-flow abundance. It's about getting in touch with how powerful you really are and partnering with that unlimited part of you,” says Kos.

Dr. Kos has chosen to introduce women to the Root Cause that keeps them from living more fulfilled and abundant lives, through a FREE telewebinar session on November 4th, called:

The 3 Biggest Blunders that Force Women to Do Too Much, Settle for too Little
And Live a Life They Don’t Love. To attend the FREE session, women are asked to visit: to register. Women are encouraged to invite female friends who may be going through difficult times and need extra encouragement and hope.


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