Battling Depression One Step at a Time with the TrekDesk

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The Centers for Disease Control report that 9% of U.S. adults suffer from depression with the highest rates reported in the Southeast.

There is a growing body of medical evidence proving that optimum health is dependent upon continual movement and 30 -60 minutes of exercise a day is not sufficient.

A CDC report on the mental health of Americans showed an estimated 9% of U.S. adults meet the criteria for clinical depression. The state by state breakdown reported the lowest rate in North Dakota at 4.8% and the highest rate of depression in Mississippi at 14.8%. A regional breakdown showed the highest rates of adult depression in the Southeast. Lela McKnight-Eily, a clinical psychologist and epidemiologist at the CDC related these higher concentrations may be due to higher rates of obesity, heart disease, stoke and sleep patterns all of which are caused in part by sedentary lifestyles. These conditions are mitigated by continual daily movement as offered by the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk.

TrekDesk is the first affordable, full sized, height adjustable work station which when added to an existing treadmill allows individuals the opportunity to walk at slow speeds while they work/study achieving 10,000 steps in as little as 3-4 hours.

“The most significant challenge facing most Americans today is finding the time, motivation and mechanisms which allow them to move throughout the day. There is a growing body of medical evidence proving that optimum health is dependent upon continual movement and 30 -60 minutes of exercise a day is not sufficient. These numbers and other reports out of the CDC on rising rates of obesity, dementia, diabetes and heart disease can be directly correlated to the decline in activity for most Americans,” stated TrekDesk CEO Steve Bordley. “TrekDesk is a great tool to keep employees walking throughout the day and walking has been proven by numerous studies to enhance mood, productivity, disease prevention, and weight loss as well.”

Studies have shown walking is actually significantly more effective in treating depression and faster acting than the most often prescribed medications for depression.

Dr. James Blumenthal published a study in Archives of Internal Medicine ten years ago treating three groups of older adults suffering from a major depressive disorder.

Group A received 30 minutes of exercise three times a week, Group B received the antidepressant Zoloft, and Group C received both.

Group A (exercise only) showed significantly better improvement in symptoms than even Group C which exercised the same amount and received the anti- depression medication Zoloft.

“We caution anyone who suspects they are suffering from depression to first consult with their physician,” stated Bordley, “however we would also encourage them to ask about the studies showing exercise as a more effective alternative to medications during their office visit.”

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