Giovanni Di Stefano head of MGM PYE PATHE RECORDS revives the Samuel Goldwyn Studios, Carolco Pictures and Eagle Lion Films

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Giovanni Di Stefano international lawyer and head of MGM PYE PATHE RECORDS has revived three of the greatest film companies of the past Samuel Goldwyn Studios, Carolco Pictures and Eagle Lion Films. Each will concentrate on production, distribution and production.

Great film companies don't die they just hibernate but the time is now to awake and the big sleep is now over.

Giovanni Di Stefano the head of MGM PYE PATHE RECORDS has revived three of the great companies in the film industry. Samuel Goldwyn Studios, Carolco Pictures and Eagle Lion Films have been acquired to in the words of Di Stefano "wake up and be counted."

Samuel Goldwyn Studio was the name that Samuel Goldwyn used to refer to the Pickford-Fairbanks Studios lot and the offices and stages that his company, Goldwyn Pictures, rented there during the 1920s and 1930s. Warner Bros. sold the studio lot in 1999.

Carolco Pictures, was an independent production company that, within a decade, went from producing such blockbuster successes as Terminator 2: Judgment Day and the first three movies of the Rambo series (First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, and Rambo III) to being made bankrupt by box office bombs such as Cutthroat Island and Showgirls.

Eagle-Lion Films was a British film production company owned by J. Arthur Rank intended to release British productions in the United States. In 1947 it acquired PRC Pictures, a small American production company, to produce B Pictures to accompany the British releases. The studio became one of the most respected makers of B-movies.

" Great film companies don't just die they hibernate but the time for them to come awake is now," said Di Stefano from New York.

" Samuel Goldwyn Studios will make the films that we have in project, Carolco Pictures will produce and Eagle Lion Films will produce and distribute our products worldwide. It follows that the soundtrack for any of our projects will be from my record label MGM PYE PATHE RECORDS where we have an abundance of new artists," said Di Stefano.

There are already projects planned including a new version of the Day/Cagney film LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME which Di Stefano described as " so exiting that a number of main actresses are interested in the part", a film about the life and mysterious disappearance in 1947 of Jean Spangler " with some great casting and a superb script and which the case is still open and unresolved," said Di Stefano and the story of Ken Starr and Diane Passage from their book "Prison Diaries". Di Stefano said that 'Prison Diaries' would be a great film as it recounted the true story from a number of eyes of Ken Starr the accountant to Hollywood stars and his glamorous wife Diane Passage. " The book so far and to date is explosive and nothing is held back and full of what I call human drama and may actually show people that Ken far from being crooked was actually just a man in love distracted from his work....but his story is truly incredible as is that of Diane and makes fantastic material," said Di Stefano.

The company also in line with the policy of MGM PYE PATHE RECORDS stated would welcome ideas, scripts, from writers who sought to become involved in film making at every level.

The three film companies would also work closely with the new television show syndrome-s that sought to find new actors and actresses and as Di Stefano said " to give everyone a chance."


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