“What is the Purpose of Life?” Mike Robinson Answers this Age Old Question in a Fresh and Revealing Way

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The No 1 Bestseller ’The True Dynamics of Life’, by Mike Robinson, explains the purpose of life on this earth. It is a question that has been asked by humanity for thousands of years, and answers so far proffered haven’t changed the underlying basis on which most lives are lived. So now the significant question is, if humanity knows the answer will life continue in the same way?

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What is my Life Purpose?

The number one bestseller ‘The True Dynamics of Life’ by Mike Robinson sets out to answer one of the biggest questions humans ever ask in their lives, “What is my Life Purpose?” For thousands of years people have asked this same question. According to Mike Robinson not knowing the answer has contributed to the chaos on this planet as humans live their lives trapped by their conditioning. Yet the answer in itself is very simple, it is to be fully present in every moment. If the answer is so simple then why hasn’t humanity found this answer before and, more importantly, put it into practice?

The True Dynamics of Life takes the reader through, step by step, the reasons why the world is in chaos and how it got to this point. It is fundamental to know that “You are the world and the world is you”. Each individual cannot escape from their own part in this chaos. What is happening in the world is a reflection of each person as an individual, so until individuals are prepared to look with absolute honesty at themselves, nothing is going to change. Once individuals begin to recognise that and see it as a fact then the true work of healing on an individual and global level can begin.

Every human is conditioned from childhood and carries these beliefs, judgements and opinions with them and views the world through them. Every human is also affected by their childhood first point of pain, a point of shock which becomes embedded in the memory and affects the manner of reactions to every situation from then on. These two aspects become the veil through which each human sees and reacts in the world.

There are three primary traps that keep humanity in this state of individual and global chaos. Most of the world is under the influence of one or more of these traps. This book explains what these traps are and how they currently influence almost everything on the planet.

Mike Robinson asks, “Do you want to get inside of you and bring the distortion back into a state of love? There is no other life purpose.”

There is further information about Mike Robinson’s work, as well as the opportunity to join his membership area for monthly workshops, audio downloads and support, on his website

The True Dynamics of Life is available for sale online at Amazon.com, from Mike Robinson’s website and other outlets.

About the Author
Mike Robinson is a writer and personal development teacher dedicated to sharing his understandings. Brought up from the age of 3 months in a children’s home in absolute suffering, then put out into the world at 16 yrs with only the clothes he stood up in and no understanding of how the world worked, he spent many years observing his own and others pain until he found a solution. He has since spent the past 35 years travelling the world in an effort to help people recognize the truth and understand love in action. A father of three, Robinson resides in North Walsham with his family.



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