Move Aside Whiteboards, The Glass Dry-Erase Board is Here!

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Clarus Glassboards announces new trends in consumer writing boards. More and more offices, health care facilities, universities, government agencies and television shows are trading in melamine writing boards for Glass Whiteboards.

Clarus Glassboards announces new trends in consumer writing boards. More and more offices, health care facilities, universities, government agencies and television shows are trading in melamine writing boards for Glass Whiteboards.

Clarus Glassboards is the leading manufacturer and innovator of Glass Whiteboards and glass visual display systems. Headquartered in Fort Worth, TX, Clarus Glassboards product line includes Glass Whiteboards, Magnetic Glass Dry-Erase Boards, Interactive Glass Writing Technology, Healthcare Applications, Mobile Glass Dry Erase Boards, Glass Signage and a robust lineup of Architectural systems.

Glass Whiteboards have seen significant interest from Fortune 500 companies to federal agencies to large healthcare organizations looking to add a differentiating visual element to their workspace.

“We’ve experienced significant market growth over the past several years”, says Jeremy Rincon, Director of Design. “Companies are looking for product that makes a statement and at the same time makes sense from a budget perspective.” Glass Dry-Erase Boards allow firms to add an architectural element with their presentation board, while bringing replacement costs down to $0 with their non-staining writing surface. “Companies may end up purchasing 4 to 5 whiteboards due to staining for a single conference room over a 10 yr. period. A Clarus Glassboard, which will never stain, adds a designer element to workspace and delivers long-lasting functionality.”

Why Companies are Transitioning to Glass Dry-Erase Boards:

  •     Transforms space with innovative, forward-thinking image
  •     Modular for today’s flexible workspace needs
  •     Compatible with dry/wet erase pen, permanent marker
  •     Easily wipes clean without ghosting or staining
  •     Durable, lasts the life of the wall
  •     Made with eco-friendly and recyclable materials

Healthcare Applications

Hospitals and healthcare facilities around the nation searching for attractive furnishings that promote a sterile and clean environment have found the solution with Clarus Glassboards. Overtime, many conventional whiteboards made from melamine will absorb bacteria. The non-porous surface of Clarus Glassboards allows a germ-free writing for nurses and doctors to elaborate patient care strategy and information. Often patient room applications require custom graphics such as federally mandated pain tolerance charts, or common patient/treatment information.

Work with ABC Studios

Not only will you find Clarus Glassboards in the nations finest healthcare facilities, but you will find them in Hollywood studios. ABC Studios and Clarus have collaborated to outfit dramas such as Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice with Glass Writing Boards. Glassboards complement the modern style and innovative focus that make these modern dramas best in class entertainment.    

Magnetic Glass Technology

Clarus has pioneered magnetic glass technology allowing functional non-staining dry-erase and “tack” friendly surfaces used in applications from conference rooms Glassboards to highly customized architectural solutions.

Glass Whiteboard Turns to Interactive Suite

Clarus is not only redefining the visual presence of marker boards, but is leading the industry with innovative and technologically advanced tools for the corporate and educational settings. The Clarus Interactive Package powered by eBeam is an industry first which allows a Clarus Glassboard to transform into a full-functioning interactive suite. The Clarus Interactive Package delivers a media-rich audio/visual channel allowing printing, emailing and saving of presentations straight from your Glassboard. You can also integrate content directly into real-time presentations for remote audiences.

The GREEN Story

Clarus Glassboards are made from eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Their long lasting surface means replacement costs and wasted materials are cut drastically meaning less waste to our environment and landfills. Clarus is committed to sustainable products and manufacturing processes, including recycling of raw inputs and by-products, waste minimization and pollution prevention.

Many whiteboards are made from a synthetic material known as melamine. These whiteboards often have a short life resulting in staining of dry-erase marker and an inevitable replacement. Clarus Glassboards do not stain allowing years of worry free usage while manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials.

About Us
Clarus Glassboards LLC is the leading manufacturer and innovator of glass dry-erase systems.

Clarus Glassboards bring an air of sophistication and innovation to any office, conference room or waiting area with their elegant image and stainless surface. They enrich offices by their artistic appeal while allowing for custom sizing, color, tailored logo and placement opportunities. Clarus Glassboards are compatible with permanent, dry erase, or any other markers. The surface erases easily, never ghosts, and does not wear - unlike traditional whiteboards.

Contact Clarus Glassboards by phone at 888.814.7414 or email at info (at) clarusglassboards (dot) com or stop by at 7646 Pebble Dr. Bldg. 27, Fort Worth, TX 76118.


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