Celebrating Ground-Breaking Alpha Lipoic Acid Discovery

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Alpha lipoic acid is a remarkable natural substance, with surprisingly diverse and beneficial properties, but diminished by the poor solubility of raw material crystalline alpha lipoic acid powder used in most oral formulations. The 10th anniversary of the ground-breaking discovery of a high-bioavailability solubilized formulation is being celebrated with a free bottle offer of ThioGel solubilized alpha lipoic acid softgel capsules.

Alpha lipoic acid is a remarkable natural substance that is among the most prescribed nutritional supplements in the offices of integrative medicine, functional medicine, and holistic practitioners. Since the alpha lipoic acid molecule was first isolated and characterized in the early 1950’s, a huge body of scientific research has been conducted to elucidate the surprisingly diverse and beneficial properties of exogenously administered alpha lipoic acid. Standing out among these studies are the German clinical trials conducted in the late 1990’s that demonstrated that intravenous alpha lipoic acid was useful in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy, while oral alpha lipoic acid was less useful. These studies have been confirmed in the U.S. and other countries but little data is available on the effectiveness of oral disage forms.

Recognizing the drawbacks associated with oral dosage forms of alpha lipoic acid, a discovery company housed at the Lovelace Research Institute performed pioneering research on a “solubilized” oral formulation of alpha lipoic acid that would deliver enhanced absorption of the “poorly soluble” alpha lipoic acid crystalline powder. The solubilized or pre-digested formulation was shown to deliver substantially enhanced plasma levels of alpha lipoic acid and enhanced bioavailability in studies performed in rabbits and humans.

It has been 10 years since this ground-breaking formulation was developed and introduced to the commercial market under the brand name ThioGel. During the intervening 10 years, ThioGel has been used by a broad spectrum of physicians, holistic practitioners and a large and growing number of individuals to restore a healthy balance for a variety of conditions. In recognition of this ground-breaking formulation research, and with the goal of bringing its beneficial properties to a larger population, Ethical Alternative Products is giving away a free bottle of ThioGel to any consumer wishing to experience the benefits of the high-bioavailability ThioGel oral formulation. Consumers can obtain a free bottle of ThioGel by logging on to http://www.thiogel.com, or calling 1-800-861-0492.

Gerald Bruno, Ph.D., CEO & Founder of Ethical Alternative Products, has stated that “I am a strong believer in the many beneficial properties of alpha lipoic acid, and am pleased that the long-term success of the ThioGel solubilized formulation allows us to offer this free trial sample, commemorating the 10th anniversary of this important formulation discovery”.

Ethical Alternative Products is a dietary supplement supplier that is focused on the research and manufacturing of a select group of scientifically sound, broad-use supplement products. The company mission is to develop and produce high-value supplements, employing innovative formulations and highest quality raw materials. Products produced by Ethical Alternative Products include ThioGel, ThioGel-L triple antioxidant liver formulation, and OmniFlex multi-component joint health product.


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