Entrepreneur Develops New Model to Revolutionize Fashion Licensing, Merchandising and Design

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Jaguar International develops new model to create more individuality within fashion lines.

"We no longer live in a one size fits all society--our uniqueness is very important to us. -David Latty, COO, Jaguar International

David Latty plans to change the model for the fashion industry, particularly in the area of licensing. Latty owns Jaguar International, a licensing and merchandising company that develops private label brands for celebrities, stylists and companies looking for a slice of the $200 billion being spent in the junior and multicultural apparel market worldwide. Jaguar assists with new market penetration, branding, retail channels, brand licensing and master agency management both domestically and worldwide.

In the past, says Latty, the fashion industry was focused on the collection—an old model in Latty’s opinion. A designer would create a “line” which people will purchase. Even if the purchaser is brand loyal, not all the clothes in the line appeal to the purchaser, as variance in personal taste and style exists. According to Latty, this model no longer meets consumer demand in today’s marketplace where individual need-based products, information and service is readily available through technology. He maintains that today’s fashion design, manufacturing and promotional model has to be more diverse and complex, and that in today’s economic climate, fashion is all about the individual. Latty visionary plan is to redesign a model where he will create a one stop place to create a brand and outlets for consumers to shop in both online and in retail stores. “I know that this is the model. I will bet my success on it,” says Latty.

His idea is one whose time has come. He brokered several deals with A-listers such as Janet Jackson, Vanessa Williams, Daisy Fuentes, Shari Belafonte and NFL Hall of Famer Deacon Jones to create lines which would be sold through major US retailers. Also, Latty is very interested in bolstering the multicultural market, whose annual spending on fashion is approximately $106 billion, yet there are very few role models that represent them in fashion. Latty is looking to change that.

This time, Latty is establishing a brand by bringing together a consortium of designers and then developing strategic partnerships with major retailers and his own online store. In this way, his brand will remain fresh. The designers who work with him will be mentored by a team of advisors with over 40 years in the fashion industry, so that they can eventually develop their own individual lines. The implications for such are astounding as he will have several looks for his brand that will appeal to both the teen and junior markets.

What makes Latty’s idea unique is two-fold: sustainability and technology.

Latty plans to bolster to the community in which his brand is purchased by generating a receipt in which the purchaser selects a code, thereby giving a portion of the proceeds to a regional charity of their choice. Therefore, purchases in Brazil can help the rainforest, while purchases in the US can go to breast cancer awareness or Alzheimer’s research. He sees this also as a way to eliminate fraud. If the purchase does not generate a receipt for the giving back option, it is not an authentic purchase.

In addition, Latty will ensure that all product marketing is regionalized so that minorities are represented in advertising and promotional campaigns.

Latty also envisions that his online model will utilize technology whereby the purchaser can input their dimensions on the site and will be able to see virtual diagram of how an item of clothing will look like on them. He believes this feature will eventually reduce returns.

Latty has been away from the fashion industry for a bit, but has not stopped analyzing it in anticipation of his return. In 1998, he forecasted that retailers were missing the mark on the burgeoning junior apparel and Hispanic markets—something that retailers soon discovered and capitalized on later. He sees tremendous opportunity within the market at this point and believes his new model and marketing strategies through the use of social and new media platforms will provide price conscious and savvy consumers purchasing options that will add quality, unique styling and reduce costs--and yet make a contribution to the human condition, something that he is passionate about.

“I am really excited about this venture,” says Latty. “I feel that the time has come to give the consumer choices as it relates to brand. We no longer live in a “one-size-fits-all” society—our uniqueness is very important to us. I can offer that level of individualism under the umbrella of one company. This takes one-stop shopping to the next level, and saves and sustains our planet.”

About Jaguar International:
Jaguar International licenses clothing lines for celebrity and brands through private label clothing manufacturers and distributors, with an emphasis on micro advertising and sustainability. For more information on Jaguar International, visit http://www.jaguarint.com.

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