Next-Generation Paleo Diet Signals Change to Kitchens World-Wide

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As the paleo diet soars in popularity, more and more people are discovering a realm of health unachievable through the modern day processed food diet. To assist in helping new-generation paleo followers discover high levels of energy, better skin, increased energy and reduced sickness, Nikki Young has compiled a new Paleo Cookbook entitled ‘Simple Paleo Recipes’. This new cookbook sees the creation of 200 completely fresh recipes that make paleo eating simpler than ever before, taking healthy eating to a new level of accessibility.

Simple Paleo Recipes cookbook

I am passionate about helping people achieve good health and well being by eating the right foods. This new cookbook harnesses that passion in its presentation and content.

After the success of her first Paleo Cookbook series, Nikki Young is back with a second cookbook entitled, ‘Simple Paleo Recipes’. This innovative collection of recipes signals another landmark for the increasingly popular paleo diet which is fast becoming a global lifestyle choice.

The paleo diet follows the ancestral hunter-gatherer diet which excludes processed foods, grains, dairy, sugar and preservatives. The paleo diet sticks to a natural pathway, only consuming foods for which the human body was designed to digest; lean meats, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, with no grains, salt, sugar, legumes or dairy products allowed.

The next-generation paleo adaptation brings the paleolithic diet into the modern day by molding the diet to a contemporary lifestyle without compromising on quality of food or deviating from a high nutrient content. Rather than chasing wildebeest across the plains in the summer and scavenging for berries and seeds in the winter, modern paleo followers barbeque lean meats, roast vegetables and concoct colorful salads.

Due to proven reports of better health, and faced with the compelling reality that a modern day diet plagued with chemicals, additives and processed sugars will destroy the body, paleo popularity has soared to extraordinary levels across the globe. Those undertaking a paleo diet have reported an absence of headaches, improved sleep, increased energy, drastically reduced illness and natural, sustainable weight loss. These surface benefits are immediate and apparent, yet long term, paleo has the ability to ward off life threatening illnesses and maintain a high level of internal health well into old age.

This latest paleo cookbook release by Nikki Young comprises 200 brand new recipes, and is themed around simplicity with the intention of increasing accessibility to delicious foods that are simultaneously kind to the body. Speaking on the release of her new cookbook, Nikki Young comments, “The Simple Paleo Recipes cookbook is designed to cater for a person’s entire diet. These recipes follow the staple foundation of a paleo diet which incorporates the nutrients and vitamins required by the body for optimum health. I have included a variety of protein sources, vegetables and fruits, as well as incorporating essential fats through the use of various nut oils; these oils also contribute greatly to the delicious taste of a number of the recipes."

For hundreds of thousands of years the paleo diet has been responsible for keeping the human race strong, alive and fighting illness naturally. It is by no means a contemporary fad diet, but a way of living that is innate to human beings. There is no real effort involved, only the application of instinct to eat foods naturally engineered for the human body to remain healthy.

To assist paleo beginners in getting acquainted with the diet of mankind, the cookbook incorporates a number of useful features. Most notable is a color coded meal recommendation indicator which helps the reader decide for which meal time the recipe is best suited. The PDF formatting provides immediate kitchen accessibility via computer or a mobile device and also ease of access for those wanting to print off a single recipe or the entire cookbook. The reader is helpfully given a shopping list and weekly meal planner so ingredients can be noted down and purchased accordingly. The cookbook also contains a conversion page for global measurement alternation.

Historically healthy cooking has appeared complicated to the masses who have succumbed to a diet of ready meals and fast food takeaways. But rapidly the world is becoming increasingly conscious of food-related illness and the daily suffering caused by a poor diet. Simply by providing an abundance of natural, nutrient rich foods, the paleo diet reduces the risk of lifestyle related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

The Simple Paleo Recipes cookbook opens up the doorway to healthy eating for all, not just those already useful in the kitchen. As Nikki Young explains, “I wanted to make this cookbook as easy as possible to follow and for people from all walks of life to enjoy. I am passionate about helping people achieve good health and well being by eating the right foods. This new cookbook harnesses that passion in its presentation and content.”

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