Hob-Knob Announces Development of Next Generation Geolocation Application

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Hob-Knob's next generation geolocation application is set to revolutionize geolocation apps using Hob-Knob's proprietary direct connect Wi-Fi technology.

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We are on the cusp of a revolution in geolocation applications and Hob-Knob's Wi-Fi direct connection is the dynamite that will make this technology explode in use and versatility.

Hob Knob, LLC ("Hob-Knob") is set to revolutionize geolocation applications in all Wi-Fi areas. Hob-Knob is in the latter stages of development of a process that will revolutionize social and business geolocation applications. Until now, geolocation applications have been dominated by companies that use the internet, GPS or cell phone technologies to identify and link users to each other and to businesses based on their close proximity. While connecting users based on nearby locations is a relatively new development made possible with the growth of Smartphones, the current market leaders in this sphere have relied entirely on traditional internet, GPS or cell phone based technologies for connections. Hob-Knob’s technology will revolutionize the geolocation market because, unlike other geolocation applications, Hob-Knob creates direct connections through a virtual network directly over ordinary Wi-Fi.

Geolocation applications are growing at a blistering pace as evidenced by firms like Foursquare, MoPhoTo, Whrrl, Gowalla, brightkite, BlockChalk and Rally Up that barely existed a year ago. The rapid adoption of geolocation applications is not surprising because it links users to users and users to businesses which are in close proximity to each other. The benefits of social networking through application with geolocation capabilities are endless. For example, at a football game, a person could easily tell which of their friends are also at the game. In a mall shopping for the holidays, a person would learn that their good friend is also shopping at the same time and they can “connect and hook-up” for a cup of java and a quick conversation. Social networking is just the beginning for geoapplications as many businesses have learned the benefits of geolocation applications and have been the earliest adopters of these technologies. Suppose the two friends that were going to “connect and hook-up” for a cup of coffee decided to grab a meal instead of coffee. Restaurants in the mall could be firing-off discount offers to those in the mall by sending a message to customers that are in the vicinity of the restaurant and the two friends could enjoy a great lunch with a discount while at the same time the restaurant fills seats with a minor discount, seats that would have otherwise gone unfilled. As geolocation technology is adopted, more and more uses are expected to be developed.

“Relying on old technology platforms for delivering cutting edge geolocation applications is the reason that many companies in this space will fail to reach the full potential of allowing people and businesses to ‘locate, connect and hook-up," said Melissa Sabarese, President and Chief Operating Officer, of Hob-Knob. Jason M Black, PhD, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, of Hob-Knob explains that from a technological point of view Hob-Knob is way out front of other companies because it operates on a proprietary Wi-Fi direct connection. “Our Wi-Fi direct connection is faster, more reliable and better able to connect people and businesses because, unlike other companies, we do not have the proverbial “middleman” – being the internet, GPS, or cell phone triangulation – we connect people and businesses directly over the Wi-Fi in a proprietary direct connect network.” Black continued saying that “we cannot even imagine today the full utility of this application as more and more uses of geolocation applications are developed and Wi-Fi becomes ubiquitous.”

Hob-Knob, is the brainchild of Gary H. Elzweig, a graduate of Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, a Registered Professional Engineer, and the 2006 winner of the “Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year” for the State of Florida by Ernst & Young. The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year annual award honors entrepreneurs whose ingenuity, hard work and perseverance have created and sustained successful, growing business ventures. Elzweig has an unprecedented track record of starting and growing new businesses in the engineering field such as PEICO, CAPRI, and Quality Built. Elzweig said, “We are on the cusp of a revolution in geolocation applications and our Wi-Fi direct connection is the dynamite that will make this technology explode in use and versatility. We have assembled a team of technology and marketing professionals that will allow us to bring our direct Wi-Fi connection technology from its early conception to market faster and better than we could have imagined.” Elzweig concluded, “We certainly are the David, as in David and Goliath, in the current geolocation field, but what the other companies do not realize, and the market will very quickly, is that unlike David’s little rock, our technology is more like a “silver bullet” that will render all old geolocation platforms obsolete. We are very excited about our proprietary systems and the benefits it will provide the geolocation market and we are well on our way to leading this revolution.”

About Hob-Knob:

Hob Knob, LLC (aka: Hob-Knob) was formed as a Delaware limited liability company on September 13, 2010.    The majority of the ownership of the company resides with the three operating officers, Gary H Elzweig, Jason M Black, and Melissa Sabarese. Hob-Knob corporate officers are in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The company's primary mobile application is expected to be available for free download, in a beta version, on iTunes and Google by mid November 2010. The company's website, http://www.hob-knob.com, is presently available for Hob-Knob users to register and learn more about this revolutionary new way to locate and connect with old and new friends.

For more information about Hob-Knob, by contacting Melissa Sabarese at msabarese@hob-knob.com or at 813-830-1027

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