"Job Search Jump Start" Provides A Solution To Unemployment Crisis

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While Congress Struggles To Find A Solution To The Nation's Unemployment Crisis, David Pierpoint Is Revolutionizing The Job Search Process To Help Experienced Professionals Get Back To Work.

You need to play a different game than everyone else is playing if you want to get hired.

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With unemployment rates hovering near record highs, and millions of job-seekers growing desperate in their attempts to find work, Dave Pierpoint is providing a fresh, new approach to the old, outdated methods of finding a job and getting hired.

A former career management consultant, Pierpoint recently announced that a home-study version of his "Job Search Jump Start" training system is now available to job seekers who are ready to try a new approach.

Recognizing that the old, outdated job search methods simply weren't working for most job seekers, Pierpoint began advising clients years ago that they needed to take an entirely different approach if they wanted to get hired in an ultra-competitive job market. "Rather than simply going through the motions and following the old-school approach to finding work, you need to play a different game than everyone else is playing if you want to get hired," says Pierpoint.

While most career industry experts simply try to help job-seekers do a better job of employing the old, traditional job search strategies, Pierpoint is showing clients how to position themselves differently than everyone else who is looking for work, in order to get hired more quickly and negotiate a better compensation package.

According to Pierpoint, "In a lot of cases, it's not that there isn't any work to be done, it's just that the current employment system is broken and outdated. There's work to be done, and plenty of experienced professionals to do the work, but the system for connecting the two just doesn't work for most people any more."

Pierpoint's "Job Search Jump Start" system is based on a framework that helps experienced professionals, particularly those in the 40-55 age range, to position themselves as leaders, problem-solvers, and experts in the eyes of prospective employers -- rather than simply being identified as a "job-seeker" along with millions of others who are competing for a shrinking number of viable job openings.

"The problem is that most smart and talented professionals expect to get hired based on their experience, education, and qualifications," says Pierpoint. "But, unfortunately, most final hiring decisions aren't based on this type of rational, objective approach. Most final hiring decisions are based primarily on a combination of emotional factors, and then justified after the fact, using other information to support a decision that has already been made."

For this reason, the Job Search Jump Start system provides experienced job-seekers with a step-by-step process for positioning themselves in a more effective manner. This includes identifying and building rapport with specific groups of individuals, and employing a select group of strategies that are designed to help make clients the "obvious choice" in the eyes of prospective employers.

Pierpoint considers himself to be a bit of a rebel when it comes to advising job-seekers on the most effective ways of finding work in a tough job market. According to Pierpoint, "If you expect to get different results than everyone else is getting [with respect to find a job], then you need to stop doing what everyone is doing, and start using a more effective strategy. We've started a job-search revolution!"

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, 34 states in the U.S. saw employment numbers decrease (associated with a rise in unemployment), and 21 states have equal or higher unemployment rates than a year ago last September. Despite the massive stimulus package spending in 2009, 48 out of 50 states have seen unemployment rise since the bill was passed.

With millions of unemployed competing for a shrinking number of positions, and the no substantial improvements in the job market on the horizon, Pierpoint spent the last several months creating a home-study version of his Job Search Jump Start training system.

"There was just no way that I could reach all of the people who needed help if continued working with clients one-on-one. So, I took all of the information and strategies I'd been teaching, and made them available through an on-line training system. Now, anyone who has Internet access can follow the steps in this system and start playing a different game than everyone else is playing."

The Job Search Jump Start system consists of seven core modules -- including over 3.5 hours of valuable video training, along with a series of action guides and a variety of other resource materials. Job-seekers who want to use the Job Search Jump Start system pay a one-time membership fee that provides immediate access to the entire training system through a state-of-the-art, on-line membership system.

For more information, visit the web site at http://www.JobSearch-JumpStart.com


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