Can Money Really Buy Happiness? Dr. Jon Cowan Unveils the Truth

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The way to happiness, concentration and focus is finally here. Can money really buy happiness? Yes, it can with new wifi technology.

We can use this type of information to help generate the optimal sequence of focus and alertness during athletic activities

The way to learn happiness, concentration, and focus is finally here. Just when some people believed money couldn’t buy real happiness, a new biofeedback technology finds Happiness signals at 40 cycles per second using unique brainwave calculations, and trains the brain to enhance this Neureka!.

This technoguide teaches how to attain happiness!    Dr Jon Cowan, Ph.D., Psychopharmacologist, Inventor and Founder of Peak Achievement Training, states that the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer is a sophisticated Neurofeedback Device which establishes Brain Wave markers to enhance Focus, Alertness, and Happiness.

According to Dr.Cowan, the way to happiness is much easier with the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer. It is engineered to enhance brain performance, by training the user through positive neurofeedback. It provides instantaneous awareness of brain function, enabling the user to consciously reprogram the thinking process. This positive psychobiology method is more direct than positive psychology, and is the clearer way to achieve excited or calm happiness.

People learn best with real-time feedback, increasing their levels of happiness and other positive feelings. They can see how their brain is working on the PC screen and they quickly realize how to correct their thoughts. The device also teaches awareness and lowers stress. The way to happiness has never been simpler than with the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer.

Many top athletes, including Olympic athletes, have successfully used this system. Peak Achievement Training can help an athlete get into “the zone”, according to some world-class trainers and the New York Times.

Athletes need attention control for sports – both the ability to keenly focus, and also the ability to release the intensity and allow the body to make its moves. Studies show these special Focus and Alertness protocols can clearly and quickly help people’s brain function, including people with problems paying attention.

Dr. Cowan explains in a video how simultaneously recording a video of a golfer and his brainwaves with the equipment helped to discover where he was making a mistake: “We can use this type of information to help generate the optimal sequence of focus and alertness during athletic activities”.

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Media: For Interview or Demonstration with Dr Cowan or Mr. Starman, please write to Brandy Hollenbeck, Public Relations Specialist, malibubrandy(at)gmail or call 310 456 4769.


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