Now Your iPhone Could Save Your Dog's Life

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It was one of the most feared moments in any dog owner’s life that convinced dog-owners Arie Kopelman & Holger Laufenberg to develop the just released iPhone App “My Dog”: Holger's 2-year old Terrier-Mix Dax got away!

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Happily reunited with his best friend: App developer Holger Laufenberg & his Jack Russell-Basenji Mix "Dax"

I developed the "My Dog" iPhone App to put the well-being of our best friends into the hands of every loving dog owner.

It was one of the most feared moments in any dog owner’s life that convinced dog-owners Arie Kopelman & Holger Laufenberg to develop the just released iPhone App – “My Dog”.

Holger’s 2-year old Terrier-Mix named Dax got away!

Holger had plans to see a matinee showing and as so many times before left Dax with his friend’s good-hearted 100-pound German-Shepherd named Luke, for a play-date with access to a securely fenced and locked front yard.

How could he have known that his friend’s gardener would come back unannounced and let himself in to retrieve the wallet he’d left in the tool shed earlier that morning. How could he have foreseen that despite the numerous talks they had about taking precaution when unlocking and opening the front gate, Dax, his little escape artist would take his chance at wanderlust and dart out the gate when it was opened?

The call that his dog ran away put him into shear panic. He left the movie theater immediately and went back to search his friend’s neighborhood in fear and desperation thinking: What if Dax gets hurt? What if someone takes him to any one of the many local vets or shelters? They wouldn’t know about his allergies to certain medications nor how to contact him if Dax’s collar somehow got lost. Every worse case scenario rushed through his mind simultaneously.

After what felt like the worst hour of his life searching the neighborhood he started Goggling Rescue Organizations, shelters and vets in the surrounding area to make them aware in case some kind soul would find his Dax and bring him there. Over and over again he was asked what his dog looked like, what kind of breed he is, whether he is micro-chipped, whether he has any medical conditions and how to contact him should Dax be found. Thankfully Dax was found before anything bad could happen.

Still Holger remained worried and thought there had to be a better way. He called his friends Arie & Jane Kopleman, both of whom are dog professionals and also run a national dog rescue organizations and a local shelter in upstate New York.

Together they developed the “My Dog” - the iPhone App Holger wish he’d had that day--the App that puts both the dog’s wellbeing and the dog-owners peace of mind at the App users fingertips. “My Dog” lets you:

  •     Create & share personalized profiles for your dog(s) including detailed dog description, vet- owner- and emergency contact, vaccination history & schedule, current medications and medical history.
  •     Take or Select photos of vaccination and medical records and attach them to each profile
  •     Access the largest national dog-service directory right from the App
  •     Email each profile including copies of vaccination and medical records right from the App to any service provider – anywhere.

Because “My Dog” also features the most comprehensive national dog-service directory with over 30,000 listings including local vets, hospitals, shelters and rescue organizations—other dog-owners will never have to go through what Holger experienced on that haunting day he thought he had lost his best friend.

Of course it works just as well for all the other occasions when loving dog-owners need to share their dog’s information and provide copies of vaccination or medical records including: Leaving your dog at a daycare facility, boarding your dog, attending a puppy or training class.

Whether locally or on the road, now dog owners will never again be without having all of their dog’s information ready to be shared at the touch of a button nor wonder where the closest dog park, grooming or pet shop or dog trainer is – wherever they are the information is in the palm of their hands. And our Pet Travel Guide is included and provides them with all the info needed when traveling with their dogs.

With an iPad optimized version being released in early December and an Android version scheduled for early 2011, “My Dog” is determined to put the mind of many dog owners at ease.

“My Dog”: 3 Must-Haves in 1 Great iPhone App

1. Your Dog’s Personalized Profiles: all of your dog’s personal, medical, vaccination, ID info and photos in your hands and ready to send right from the app to a vet, hospital, trainer, day care, pet sitter or local shelter / rescue group should your dog ever get lost or need care - anywhere.
2. The National Dog-Service Directory: It covers every dog service from vets, emergency care, trainers, walkers & day care to pet shops, rescue organizations, parks and beaches, for the metropolitan areas in every state. Anywhere you are or plan to go, you’ll have instant access to any service & business.
3. The Pet Travel Guide: It gives you up to the minute pet travel rules for airlines and train systems plus comprehensive listings of pet-friendly hotels and pet travel tips.
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Dog Info USA, LLC donates 15% of its net revenues local shelters and national organizations including: Animals For Adoption and the APCA.

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