Start-Up Creates an Innovative Solution for Selling Used and Damaged Vehicles Online Globally.

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Every year thousands of vehicles are damaged or rendered useless. has created a venue for the owners of those vehicles to sell them online at

Buying and selling vehicles has never been easier.

For years, only licensed dealers and dismantlers had access to this mountain of vehicles, we have opened it up to the world.

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Lienlizard Auto Auctions breaks down the barrier between automotive industry insiders and the general public by creating a web site for buying and selling damaged, used, lien sale, or salvage vehicles.

Founder and CEO, Brad selover said, "he saw a niche in the automotive marketplace that needed to be filled. For years, only licensed dealers and dismantlers had access to this mountain of vehicles, we have opened it up to the world. Giving everyone from John Q. Public to towing companies a place to buy and sell damaged, lien sale, or salvage vehicles."

The team at Lienlizard has not only created a whole new market for end of life and cheap vehicles. They are also helping to clean up the nation. Much like the government sponsored "Cash for Clunkers" program, Lienlizards concept helps vehicle owners dispose of their vehicles while making money. "Without us many of these vehicles would be left out in the elements, dripping harmful fluids into the ground and polluting water tables and rain runnoff. One of our goals is to take these vehicles and sell them to people that will either part them out or recycle them. Either way they become something useful instead of an environmental liability," Mr. Selover said.

Extreme affordability has proven to be one of's hallmarks. "There is a huge market for affordable vehicles in the U.S.A., and given the current economic conditions, our bidder pool is only going to grow," Selover said. With statistics showing as having over 300,000 hits in the past 90 days, it seems the market agrees with Mr.Selovers statement.

With hundreds of thousands of damaged vehicles sold annually, Lienlizard is in a great position to create value for a percentage of those vehicles. With many damaged vehicles being sold at scrap prices, their is definitely room for bottom line improvement. As with any market, the best way to increase price is to increase demand. Lienlizard's live auction pits bidders against each other thus increasing the price exponentially.

Lienlizard seems to have gotten off to a strong start. Their strategy has proven that people want the ability to purchase affordable cars in an easy to use online marketplace. With the company giving huge discounts accross the board for their auctions, there is no doubt that we will be seeing a lot more of


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