Powerful Fat Burning Workout in Scientifically Based Book Turbulence Training, Boosts Metabolism Naturally

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Craig Ballantyne is an author, exercise specialist and creator of Turbulence Training, a powerful fat burning workout program. Ballantyne earned a pre-med degree in exercise physiology from McMaster University. Ballantyne is also a regular contributor to well-respected fitness magazines including Men’s Health and Oxygen.

Exercise specialist Craig Ballantyne designed a powerful fat burning workout which is now available for people of all fitness levels through his book Turbulence Training available at http://www.turbulencetrainingforabs.com/.

Craig Ballantyne’s book Turbulence Training offers people of all fitness levels a powerful, fat burning workout based on interval training. According to the Mayo Clinic, interval training is a highly effective tool for both the hopelessly flabby and the physically fit. This type of training is defined by short bursts of intense exercise followed by less vigorous exercise that allow both the heart and the muscles to recover--though not return to completely to their resting state.

A 2005 study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology discovered that those who participated in interval training doubled their endurance within two weeks of beginning the regimen. Further research conducted at McMasters University in Hamilton, Ontario showed that interval training resulted in a 36 percent improvement on the amount of fat the body burned.

Craig Ballantyne, who graduated from McMasters University with a pre-med degree in exercise physiology, applied the results of the research on interval training and used it to develop his powerful fat burning workout Turbulence Training. The workout routine is designed to accommodate those who are new to weekly exercise, as well as those who exercise regularly.

Everyone knows that regular exercise can reduce the risk of contracting conditions like type II diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Why then do so many fail to maintain a consistent exercise routine?

Most people simply don't believe they have the time. Turbulence Training tackles this common excuse by offering a fat burning workout that shaves hours off of the more traditional approach to exercise. And research shows that those using interval training will see results within just two weeks, regardless of fitness level.

A New York Times noted that both the couch potato and the elite athlete experienced increases in fitness using this type of fat burning workout. The article quoted McMasters University lead researcher Jason L. Talanian as saying, “Even when interval training was added on top of other exercise they were doing, they still saw a significant improvement.”

Craig Ballantyne graduated from McMasters University with a pre-med master’s degree in exercise physiology. Ballantyne used the ground-breaking research on interval training to develop a powerful fat burning workout suitable for all fitness levels call Turbulence Training available at http://www.turbulencetrainingforabs.com/.

To learn how to boost metabolism and experience a powerful fat burning workout visit http://www.turbulencetrainingforabs.com/.


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