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“We can no longer say for sure that any building is free of bed bugs,” said Adam Greenberg, President of USBedBugs .com.

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Bed bugs are back and spreading across America with a vengeance. No place is off limits and no person is immune from these pesky blood sucking creatures. Bed bugs have been a growing problem in the United States for over 10 years and are invading bedrooms of hotels, college dorms, hospitals, nursing homes as well as all types of residential housing, especially apartment buildings and condos. In addition, there have been almost daily media reports of bed bugs now spotted outside the bedroom in such places as libraries, office buildings, movie theaters, day care centers and retail stores.

“We can no longer say for sure that any building is free of bed bugs,” said Adam Greenberg, President of USBedBugs .com. “These tiny vampires solely exist to feed on our blood when we are sleeping. Exposure to bed bugs is often a life altering event with substantial financial and psychological implications. We hear stories every day from people who have gone many months without a good night sleep and spent thousands of dollars to try and rid their home of bed bugs. Even so, every time they itch at night they feel like bed bugs are crawling on them, which can become extremely unsettling.” offers a fast growing assortment of pesticide-free products to provide peace of mind to those trying to avoid being bitten by bed bugs as well as those currently battling bed bugs in their home or business. “We can’t let bed bugs take over our lives. With some simple tools and extra vigilance we can both travel with peace of mind and protect our homes from an infestation,” Greenberg said. “One bed bug can multiply into 30,000 in just six months so early detection is essential and prevention measures are becoming integrated into how we live and travel.”

Here are five simple tips to help you keep the upper hand against bed bugs:
1.Zip up your bags and belongings whenever you stay outside your home, preferably with BugZip® Luggage & Clothing encasements which are specially designed to keep bed bugs out. Don’t leave shoes, computers or souvenirs out in the open as bed bugs love to crawl into tiny cracks and crevices in these items. Make sure everything is zipped up when not in use. Protect your belongings while staying at hotels, or even a friend’s or relative’s home, and you have gone a long way to keeping bed bugs out of your home.

2.Use mattress and box spring encasements from Protect-A-Bed® on every bed. If bed bugs ever get into your home they will want to harbor in the mattress and box spring. Encasements take away their favorite hiding place so they don’t multiply undetected and prevent you from having to replace your bedding.

3.Arm your beds with bed bug monitors such as the ClimbUp® Insect Interceptor and the BB Alert® Passive Monitor. These devices are totally safe around children and pets and will detect bed bugs within days of them entering your home, before they have a chance to lay eggs and multiply.

4.Do not panic if you have bites as many times they are not from bed bugs. Use monitors and traps such as the Bedbug Beacon™ CO2 Monitor to verify the existence of bed bugs before you spend money and time undergoing treatment for bed bugs.

5.If you suspect you have been exposed to bed bugs outside the home, take extra precautions upon returning home. Luggage should never be brought in the house. Any clothing should go right into the washing machine. To prevent bugs from falling out in your laundry room, use GreenClean™ Dissolvable Laundry Bags which take your clothing from the luggage to the laundry. Non-washable items should go right into the dryer for 10 to 15 minutes or into the suitcase-sized PackTite™ Bed Bug Heater which kills all stages of bed bugs, even their eggs.

If you find evidence of bed bugs in your home, do not try to get rid of them on your own. “Bed bugs hide extremely well and most store bought pesticides and foggers will do little more than send bed bugs running to other rooms, making the problem much more costly to get under control,” said Greenberg. “It is essential to call an experience pest control professional as soon as you find a bed bug or spot their tell-tale black fecal spots or shed skins.”

At, our mission is to improve the quality of life for those dealing with bed bugs and to prevent further spread of bed bugs throughout the United States while minimizing use of harmful pesticides.

Founded in 2006, is a division of NorthShore Care Supply, an online medical supply retailer. Beginning with selling mattress encasements, the company received numerous inquiries from people desperately looking for other products to detect and prevent bed bugs. As the bed bug infestation in the U.S. has grown rapidly, the company has become the leader in products for dealing with bed bugs in homes, hotels, apartment buildings, colleges and any facility where people sleep. The website is now a fast growing marketplace featuring a wide selection of pesticide-free bed bug prevention and protection products. For more information, visit


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