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WhichBusinessVoip.com dedicated to educating businesses and consumers on the future of business phone service technology

WhichBusinessVoip's goal is to educate business consumers, as well as provide access to the best VoIP providers in the business.

A leading consortium of analysts dedicated to researching the usage of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) by businesses and consumers has announced the launch of a new website, WhichBusinessVoip.com, geared towards business VoIP technology education and information.

VoIP technology offers a method of converting analog audio signals, such as what you hear when you speak on the telephone, and converting them into digital input that can be transmitted over an Internet Protocol, such as the internet. In simple terms, VoIP technology allows phone calls to be placed over the internet, resulting in cheaper telephony, more features, and high quality voice.

Bandwidth efficiency and the low costs VoIP technology can provide has resulted in businesses slowly beginning to take advantage; migrating from the traditional copper-wire telephone systems to VoIP technology systems to cut costs on monthly phone usage.

“It’s obvious that this is a technology that needs to be further looked into by the full range of businesses, from the smallest SOHO company to the largest multinational,” said WhichBusinessVoIP spokesperson, David Smith. “The future is now. VoIP stands to have a real lasting impact on, if not revolutionizing completely, the ways in which businesses and individuals can communicate more efficiently. Our new site, WhichBusinessVoip.com, has one purpose in mind: to provide the definitive source of VoIP education, resources and information for businesses.

The website offers VoIP provider comparisons, informational reviews, breaking news and up-to-the-minute articles that delve into the many benefits of VoIP technology and give the business consumer the information they need when looking into the business phone service wave of the future.

Although many small businesses have remained on the sidelines when it comes to switching over to VoIP technology, it is generally agreed upon by industry experts that the benefits of VoIP for small businesses far outweigh the concerns.

“Being able to transmit digital audio through a computer, quite obviously, provides a much greater number of features and services offered,” said Smith. “If you need to record audio conversations or if you want to save conversations or transcribe your phone calls, this is all going to be easier to do with VoIP.”

What draws most business users to VoIP is the amount of potential savings when it comes to long-distance and international calls. While most phone companies charge per-minute for long-distance calls, VoIP does not. Furthermore, VoIP quality is just as good as the traditional phone services and VoIP offers businesses flexibility that simply does not exist within the old realm of traditional phone technology.

WhichBusinessVoip's goal is to educate business consumers, as well as provide access to the best VoIP providers in the business. The ability to leverage these features at low cost has dramatically changed how businesses work, and for the first time, small businesses are able to take advantage of high-end services that were once limited to only larger companies. Smith added, “You can take your phone service with you if you have a broadband connection, so you can use VoIP anywhere. You can talk on your laptop, get voicemail and faxes, just like you get your email. It’s a bold new world, and our purpose is to give businesses and individuals an arena in which they can learn more—and get easy access to the best services at the best rates.”

Older, established businesses are starting to look at VoIP technology as a way to make realistic changes that can increase productivity. As companies are forced now to look into ways of cutting back costs, VoIP has been gaining steam as a way to do so, without having to throw out the business model, or cut valuable workforce.

About WhichBusinessVoip.com:
(http://www.whichbusinessvoip.com) is a new website dedicated to informing and educating businesses and consumers about the existing and evolving benefits and advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.


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