Hob-Knob Responds to Facebook's New 'Deals' Service

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Hob-Knob's new geolocation app will revolutionize geolocation apps worldwide

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Hob-Knob is certainly on the right track when a company such as Facebook unveils a similar type of service

Hob Knob, LLC ("Hob-Knob") issues this press release in response to the several inquiries it has received following Facebook’s recent announcement of its new “Deals” service. As reported in Hob-Knob’s Press Release issued on November 7, 2010, Hob-Knob is set to unveil its next generation geolocation application later this month, which will revolutionize geolocation applications worldwide. Hob-Knob’s new geolocation app is based on its proprietary Wi-Fi direct connect virtual network. Inasmuch as Hob-Knob has received several inquiries following Facebook’s recent announcement, Hob-Knob’s management has felt it important to explain its distinguishing features given that Facebook’s “Deals” appears similar to Hob-Knob’s new app in certain respects.

Gary Elzweig, Chief Executive Officer of Hob-Knob noted, “At Hob-Knob, we remain very excited about our official launch anticipated for later this month. Our local based social networking technology is all about connecting people with each other on a local platform through a Wi-Fi direct connect virtual network with free audio and video chat, while also allowing merchants to push promotions directly to potential customers that are physically nearby without the user having to check-in with any specific retailer to receive promotions. We certainly know that Hob-Knob is on the right track when a company such as Facebook unveils a similar type of service on the heels of our provisional patent application, which was filed the with the US Patent office on September 29, 2010.”

Melissa Sabarese, Hob-Knob’s President said, “While Facebook’s “Deals” business model may appear on the surface to be similar to Hob-Knob’s app, we believe Hob-Knob has greater potential uses, benefits and versatility. For starters, our service is based on our next generation geolocation technology and our proprietary Wi-Fi direct connect virtual network. Also, Facebook’s “Deals” appears to just help businesses advertise and sell things to people that are nearby – it appears to lack our true locate, connect and hook-up features. In our opinion, “Deals”, as its name suggests, is simply about push promotions from merchants, more advertising and selling, whereas Hob-Knob is all about community, social networking and facilitating physical connections in our ever increasing digital world - connecting friends with friends, old ones and new ones, that are in the same vicinity over our proprietary Wi-Fi direct connect virtual network. The “Deals” that Knobbers will get from Hob-Knob are just an added benefit of being able to connect with each other. Hob-Knob is about locating, connecting and hooking up, it is not just about the advertising.”

Elzweig continued, “We wish Facebook success with their new "Deals" service and we remain extremely confident that our proprietary system will revolutionize all geolocation applications and will make programs based on prior generation geolocation technologies largely irrelevant. We also know that it is the social networking feature of Hob-Knob, the direct peer to peer connection, which will cause our technology to go viral at a rapid rate.”

Jason Black, PhD, Hob-Knob’s Chief Technology Officer said, “While Facebook may have announced its “Deals” service before we officially launched Hob-Knob with the public, we know that Hob-Knob's business model and technology follows our provisional patent application filed several months ago with the US Patent Office. In an abundance of caution, and based on advice from our lawyers, we have notified Facebook of Hob-Knob’s provisional patent application and it remains business as usual at Hob-Knob – revolutionizing geolocation applications worldwide with our proprietary Wi-Fi direct connect virtual network."

About Hob-Knob:

Hob Knob, LLC (aka: Hob-Knob) is a start up company that is about to launch the newest geolocation application over its proprietary Wi-Fi direct connect virtual network technology. Hob-Knob’s corporate offices are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the company's website is http://www.hob-knob.com. The company's primary mobile application is expected to be available for free download, in a beta version, on iTunes and Google by Q4 2010. The company's website is now live and allowing users to pre-register for Hob-Knob service and to learn more about this revolutionary new way to locate, connect and hook-up with old and new friends.

For more information about Hob-Knob, please contact Jennifer Kapp at jkapp(at)hob-knob(dot)com or call her at 202-643-Knob (202-643-5662).


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