Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, Makers of CloSYS Oral Care Products Recognizes Diabetics for Understanding the Importance of Good Oral Health Care Practices

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The month of November has been designated national Diabetes Awareness Month and to recognize the growing concern with diabetes Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, makers of CloSYS Oral Health Care products is offering reminders about the possible link between oral health and other systemic health conditions, like diabetes.

Diabetics know all to well the importance of good oral hygiene and recognize the link between oral health and overall health.

The mouth is the leading gateway to the body for germ and bacterial attacks, and according to The Mayo Clinic, high blood sugar in diabetics plays havoc with teeth and gums. According to Jim Ratcliff, CEO of Rowpar “Diabetes and gum disease is a two-way street. With diabetes, gum disease is more likely to occur, while gum disease makes controlling blood sugar levels difficult. So it’s essential that those faced with diabetes pay strong attention to their oral health.” For this reason Rowpar’s CloSYS team recommends the following:

1.    Take your diabetes and your oral health seriously. See your doctor as recommended and maintain good balanced glucose levels to avoid serious gum disease.
2.    Floss daily, and even better, use an oral irrigator (Water Pik) device to lower plaque buildup around the gum line of your teeth. Include a few ounces of good mouth rinse in the oral irrigator to assist.
3.    Brush often, but at least twice per day. Use an electric toothbrush when possible and follow the directions for proper brushing along the gum line and for the correct duration of brushing.
4.    Rinse the mouth thoroughly with an effective oral rinse for at least 30 seconds, and try not to eat or drink for 30 minutes directly after.
5.    Be sure to schedule dental visits on a regular basis for professional cleanings and diabetic oral care consultation. Great oral health care and diabetes treatment are essential for better overall health. Watch carefully for signs of gum disease that may include; redness, puffiness, bleeding or swelling. See your dentist immediately if any of these occur.

“We take oral health seriously, especially as we continue to see the strong connection being made between the mouth and the body” said Andy Gritti, Executive Vice President at Rowpar. “Although the mouth-body relationship has been around a long time, we are finally starting to see the medical and dental community speaking in a unified voice about the role and importance good oral health care plays in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Diabetics know all too well that gum disease is an ugly by-product that must be mindfully addressed with good intentional oral hygiene practices.”

For more information about the Oral Systemic Connection to the Body and to learn more about CloSYS Oral Health Care toothpaste, rinse, and spray visit


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