World Light Announces The Next Internet Business Model For The Future

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As the economies in most countries around the world reach trying times, more people are looking to the internet for financial help and extra income. Charities in these harsh turbulent times are suffering tremendously. World Light has created a new business model for the internet bridging that gap and automatically funding charities as the company grows.

"I’m glad everyone loves this new business model and it is so heart warming for us to see the charities get so much help. This is a company for everyone", Mike Dodd, CEO.

A Tennessee company backed by Internet marketing Guru David Preston may have cracked the code for Internet profitability, by combining three killer features into a single business model.

This business model, written as a daring and powerful plan, has been hailed as “pure Genius” by many that have examined the entire system.

The first element is the well-proven selling of digital products, popular due to the make-once, sell-often model, with virtually zero delivery costs. This has long been the staple method of making money online for many entrepreneurs.

The next element, a natural fit for the Internet where everyone seems to be searching for information, is to make the digital products information-based, rather than software or services.

Selling informational “ebooks” and guides online in digital form is not a breakthrough but by creating an automated system that helps charities as a company grows and members earn automatically is a new concept entirely.

    Startling Element

The truly startling element is how this business model takes those zero stock costs and high demand for information, and then blends them with the leverage of multi-level marketing creating an interesting business model for the internet.

CEO Mike Dodd said “I’m glad everyone loves this new business model but, you know, it is so heart warming for us to see the charities get so much help. This is a company for everyone.”

Genuine multi-level marketing used to involve the selling of real products but it does often carry the risk of loss, from buying in high volumes to obtain discounts.

One reason MLM systems have fallen out of favor is because product distribution is often inefficient, leading to high prices. There are sound economic reasons why most products today are delivered in bulk to local supermarkets. Digitally delivered products make everything so much easier for MLM companies with today’s technology.

The fact remains, as a business model with growth potential for a small investment, there’s little that can match the time and money leverage of MLM; especially using this type model.

    Charity Pledge

Digital information products combined with MLM is unusual enough, yet this model is also pledging an automatic 10% of commissions to be matched by the company and sent to a pre-selected list of charities.

This business model will be featured on a new website due to launch January 1, 2011 and should prove to the the best working model on the internet.

For additional information on the business model, contact Mike Dodd or visit the “beta” website FAQ at


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