New Book Reveals the Spiritual Design of Human Beings May Hold the Secret to Healing Relationships

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The way we have gone about forming relationships in the past views the mind and body as the totality of the human experience, and omits one of the most important aspects of human nature- our spiritual design.

Spiritual Life Coach and Author Tanya Copprue believes she has discovered the missing elements which will help heal and strengthen relationships, allowing them to develop into healthy “Soul Partnerships.™” According to the author “Relationships today are in serious trouble and the institution known as marriage is becoming extinct.” Copprue is not stretching this very real problem, and it is estimated that 40% of all marriages have ended in divorce as of 2008, and projected that at least 50% will end in divorce. Forty five percent of African American women have never been married according to the US Census Bureau 2007 and many never will.

The author suggests relationships are a house divided because they lack a foundation. In order to build a house you need a blueprint and a very strong foundation. Copprue claims “the unbreakable foundation we need as human beings is a spiritual foundation” In her new book “The Secret of The Masculine & Feminine Energies: A Guide to Healing Relationships (978-0-615-39113-7 Trade paperback, 102 pp, 6 x 9, $16.00) Tanya Copprue reveals the sacred blueprint “The Divine Spiritual Design” to healing and restoring relationships. The book tracks the original marriage to the Garden of Eden and shows the true purpose of marriage and how to build the spiritual foundation that is missing from today’s relationships.

In the past relationships developed as a method for survival and our ability to relate to other humans has always been our strongest survival mechanism. We are genetically wired to form relationships, in the same way that we are wired for reproduction, but we are not merely physical creatures. The author states the problem is “how we have gone about forming relationships in the past omits one of the most important aspects of human nature- our spiritual design." We are entering a new age- The Age of the Aquarius, this is a time for rapid spiritual growth and a time to return to our true heritage- our spiritual design. Gone are the days of having relationships based on survival of the species.

Our spiritual design includes a code built within our DNA allowing us to tap into our masculine side and our feminine side. This allows us to rid ourselves of the separateness between men and women that fueled the old model of survival based relationships. In this way we create Soul Partnerships that are free from illness, depression, low self-esteem, lack of trust, non-communication, and unfulfilled or failed unions.

The Secret of the Masculine & Feminine Energies reveals the polar opposite bio-chemical and spiritual designs of men and women, which are often mistaken and interpreted as mixed signals between the genders. Readers will learn how to interpret these signals correctly and greatly improve their compassion and communication with the one they love. This is a book for men and women who are ready to heal their relationships, and for individuals and couples who are ready to take the next steps leading to the process of creating a soul partnership. According to the author, “Soul Partnerships bring about the necessary healing and understanding that assist couples with completing their soul work together.” The book offers eight keys to begin transforming a relationship into a Soul Partner Ship, which develops over time.

The author states “people today are often so busy and many do not take the time to invest in their relationships, and successful relationships need time and investment.” With this is mind the book was specifically designed to accommodate busy couples and individuals by condensing powerful and invaluable information into one book that offers a smooth and quick read. Readers would have to read at least five different books to equal the resourceful information found in The Secret of The Masculine & Feminine Energies, and it would still be unmatched. This makes the book a time-saver and a wise investment for every relationship. The book also includes a bonus assessment to help determine if one has an imbalance in either masculine or feminine energy. The assessment works alongside the book by pin-pointing the energy one uses on an everyday basis in relationships. This gives couples a clue if they need to develop either the masculine or feminine energy in order to improve their relationship.

Even with great design features the author insists the real jewel of the book is when you discover the “Five Basic Needs of a Man and a Woman.” This is the secret that will help unlock the hidden mysteries of the “Divine Spiritual Design.” If you are ready to heal your relationship and begin the initial steps to create a Soul Partnership then “The Secret of The Masculine & Feminine Energies” is the book you have been waiting for!

Tanya Copprue is a Spiritual Life Coach, Holistic Healer, Professor of Sociology, and self-proclaimed researcher of spirituality, and of human health & well-being. Her work takes a holistic approach integrating the principles of mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Tanya has over ten years of experience working with disadvantaged populations, individuals with disabilities, and worked as a child and family therapist for individuals with mental illness. She holds a Bachelors degree in human services and a Masters of Social Work Degree (MSW) from Yeshiva University in New York City. She is a Board Certified Human Service Practitioner, and specializes in Vibrational Healing. Tanya Copprue is author of the book Under The Mango Tree: A Spiritual Way of Living Merry, and is the CEO/Publisher of Soul De Diva Press and the Online Magazine- Soul Sister Magazine.Com

For more information about The Secret of The Masculine and Feminine Energies, or to schedule an author interview please visit and click on Relationship Healing or contact tcopprue(at)soulsistermagazine(dot)com, or Soul De Diva Press 917-677-6652.


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