Evident Dental Lab Management Software ‘Attributes’ – Empowering the Dental Lab by Improving Customer Service, Customer Retention and Customer Marketing

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Evident software is available in North America. Evident is a web based dental lab management software system designed to give labs better access to new technologies. The “Attributes” and “Letters” features are two of many features included in the Evident Foundation module which is available by subscription with no up-front cost. Modules can be added to the foundation module to accommodate any sized dental lab in any stage of the business cycle from start-up to growth to consolidation. For information, or to purchase Evident, visit the Evident website.

Evident Dental Lab Software

… a moral principle related to the Golden Rule that people should treat others as those others would like to be treated, instead of - as the Gold Rule dictates - projecting yourself onto others and treating them as you would like to be treated.

Computers have brought so many efficiencies to the dental lab industry over the past twenty years. Now more flexibility and better integration are required for the dental lab industry to proceed into the next technological change. Evident dental lab management system has responded to this by allowing users to create their own fields tailored to their specific needs, then search for records based on the presence of those fields or their values. Dental lab designed fields can then be used to merge educational and marketing materials to customers or catalogue cases for presentations.

Every dentist wants to be treated like the only dentist serviced by the dental lab. Although this may be impossible to achieve, the more that is known about each customer, the better the customer service can be. The key is using the “Platinum Rule”. Wikipedia refers to the Platinum Rule as “… a moral principle related to the Golden Rule that people should treat others as those others would like to be treated, instead of - as the Gold Rule dictates - projecting yourself onto others and treating them as you would like to be treated.”

To put that into practice, consider that dentists choose which lab to work with based on quality, service, turnaround and price and stay with a lab if the work consistently meets their expectations. It is important to create a field in each customer’s file to store the reason why each customer became a customer in the first place. Values could be Q for quality, S for service, T for turnaround, and P for price-sensitive dentists or combinations, in some cases. When a dentist calls, a quick visit to “Attributes” where this information is stored brings lab staff up to speed by displaying the customer’s information and values in an instant! These values can help point staff in the right direction when resolving problems and can be updated and changed as customers needs and expectations evolve.

Marketing, just like customer service, is more effective when personalized. The same “Q”, “S”, “T”, and “P” Attributes outlined above can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns. When marketing a product or material that is pricey but better than anything else out there, the “Q” dentists should be approached first. The campaign to those dentists is focused on the quality of the product to coincide with the recorded field. If a dentist chose a lab primarily for its service then service is a high priority on the clinic side as well. If this product will improve the service the dentist can provide to the patient then that’s a solid approach for marketing to the “S” group. When the target product reduces time off the fabrication process and has a faster turnaround that will interest the “T” doctors and market the right information to the right customers effectively. Perhaps, if the new material reduces chair time, a campaign can be directed to the “P” doctors but the “P” doctors may be the last on the list for this product. If “Q”, “S”, “T”, and “P” dentists receive marketing pieces tailored to how the product helps them to further their individual goals they will be more likely to give it a try. Each marketing piece can contain the exact same content but changing the emphasis for each group to target customer values can make a big difference in catching the dentist’s attention.

Storing customized information such as individual dentist values provides a great deal of flexibility. With Evident’s “Letters” feature, customer values and marketing materials can be integrated. Tailored marketing pieces can be easily created with integrated customer fields to personalize content, and can include logos and images. If done professionally, a simple copy and paste marries message with merge. The marketing documents can be directed to the appropriate recipients through a simple customer search for “Q”, “S”, “T”, or “P” dentists. The output can then be emailed, faxed, or printed from within Evident.

Targeted marketing by customer values is only one example of how a flexible features like “Attributes” and integrated “Letters” can make a difference to a lab’s bottom line. Attributes can be used for anything from spouse names to birthdays to hobbies to credit card processing dates. Computer systems must be flexible and integrated. It’s Evident.


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