Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Matters More than IQ to Increase Business Profit. Budget for Executive Leadership Development and Success.

Managers often default to finding fault with team members rather than leading with Emotional Intelligence (EI). To make matters worse, leaders focus on budgeting for process improvements rather than budgeting for executive leadership development. Research shows that leaders influence the team climate 50-70% and that climate can influence revenue 20-30%. Management that under-performs results in the team and the organization under-performing leading to a lack of profit optimization.

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“There are basic skills managers and leaders need to do daily, yet most don’t have a system or process to master them. Thankfully, Emotional Intelligence, unlike IQ, can be learned and improved daily leading to higher and higher levels of success.”

Goleta, CA (PRWEB) November 19, 2010

It is common for managers to default to finding fault with team members rather than leading with Emotional Intelligence (EI). To make matters worse, leaders often focus on budgeting for process improvements rather than executive leadership development.

Dr. Relly Nadler, psychologist, executive coach, Emotional Intelligence expert, and founder of TrueNorthLeadership.com, examines the importance of leadership and why the under-performance of managers actually harms their teams and organizations. His newest book, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, published by McGraw Hill, addresses these issues providing 108 solutions for 2011.

“Leaders take mental short cuts and zero in on “who is the problem” versus “what is the problem. This shortsighted problem solving can have unintended and devastating results for employee morale, productivity and retention. Unfortunately, it is more of the norm in organizations,” says Dr. Nadler.

If the leader under-performs, so does the team and the organization.

There are four main reasons for this “manager default” and manager under-performance:

1. Leaders don’t have the time to develop leadership in others.

2. Leaders don’t have the requisite skills or training to lead a team.

3. Once in a leadership position, a new leader underestimates just how much influence they really have over their direct reports.

4. Leaders don’t employ the necessary strategies frequently enough to be successful. It is easier to put out the fire of the day than to take the time to develop their bench strength or the team.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ), not IQ, is the leading factor for moving a person into the top 10% of performance thus positively and significantly impacting profit and the bottom line. Research shows that leaders influence the team climate 50-70% and that climate can influence revenue 20-30%.

Ken Blanchard companies did a study of 1400 managers and found the top things they failed to do were:

1. Failing to provide appropriate feedback (praise, redirection) - 82% of respondents

2. Failing to listen to or involve others in the process - 81% of respondents

3. Failing to use a leadership style appropriate to the person, task, and situation (over-supervising or under supervising) - 76% of respondents

4. Failing to set clear goals and objectives - 76% of respondents

5. Failing to train and develop their people - 59% of respondents

“These are basic skills the managers and leaders need to do daily and usually don’t have a system or process to master them,” Dr. Nadler states. “Often the least developed process in an organization is management development training; be it how make good decisions, developing their bench strength, giving feedback, leading teams, delegating or coaching others.”

Leading with Emotional Intelligence promotes management development training and star performance by identifying the prescriptions or best practices in six key Emotional Intelligence competencies:

·    Emotional Self-Control,
·    Confidence,
·    Teamwork and Collaboration,
·    Developing Others,
·    Communication and Empathy.

Selecting the right 5-6 EI strategies for your position can propel you or a direct report into being a top 10% performer producing big dividends for the organization. Plus, each chapter has a “star secrets” and “coaches corner” section and the book includes Profiles of EI leaders, checklists, strategies, and hiring questions.

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Emotional Intelligence | Executive Leadership Development | Management Development Training Leading with Emotional Intelligence gives 108 solutions to increase profit through management development training and executive leadership development.

Leading With Emotional Intelligence, by Dr. Relly Nadler, published by McGraw Hill, now available at http://LeadingWithEI.com.

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