Natural Australian Pain Reliever Wins Hand Down in Cost Per Day Comparison

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A recent survey of natural and conventional pain relievers in Australia has revealed some interesting facts about the true cost to consumers in their use of pain medication.

“When a customer buys Brand A for 16.95 rather than Brand B for $24.95 they have often done themselves a disservice"

With a myriad of pack sizes, dose rates and application rates it becomes very confusing for consumers to determine the true value for their dollar. Often they choose a product based on the cost of the bottle or the tube they are buying, but Garry Andrews, marketing manager for leading consumer analyst The Pharma Group says this is often the wrong choice.

“When a customer buys Brand A for 16.95 rather than Brand B for $24.95 they have often done themselves a disservice. Assuming that performance is equal in all brands (that’s another topic) then the real thing to consider is the cost per day for each product being used.”

But how does the average consumer go about determining the cost per day. It’s a mammoth task and unless your carry around a calculator and an X-Y axis graph in your pocket you will spend your life in the pharmacy and will probably go mad trying to work it out.

Fortunately some of the work has recently been done for consumers who need the raw facts. In a recent survey of key pain relief topical rubs, conducted by The Pharma Group, the cost per day has been calculated and made available to consumers.

As the grid below clearly shows, there is an amazing diversity in the cost per day of some of Australia’s leading topical pain rubs, with Elmore Oil and A Little Bit of Relief coming out the winners.

“ Elmore Oil is clearly the winner in this survey, with the product costing almost only 1/3rd of its nearest rival, A Little Bit of Relief, “ says Mr Andrews. “Both products are clearly ahead of the rest of the game, with the worst being Pain Away, requiring a dual product application of both a spray and a cream to gain any effectiveness.

Brand Pack            Size/Pack Price             Cost per ml/gr.         Application rate         Cost per day

Elmore Oil             250ml / $29.99             12 cents                     2 times a day                24 cents
A Little Bit of         250ml / $39.95             16 cents                     4 times a day                64 cents
Tiger Balm             57 ml / $13.45                24 cents                     4 times a day                96 cents
Ice Roll On             50ml / $ 8.99                 18 cents                     4 times a day                72 cents
Voltaren                 100gr / $25.50                 26 cents                     4 times a day                $1.04
Difflam                    30gr / $12.99                 43 cents                     6 times a day                $ 2.58
Pain Away             120ml /$ 24.95             21 cents                     5 times a day                $ 2.85
                                 70gr / $24.95                 36 cents                     5 times a day

  • The Pain Away recommended system is to apply both the spray and the cream 5 times per day each, making a total of 10 applications.

** Retail prices were taken at Terry White Pharmacy on November 13th 2010.
***Costs were based a use rate of 1 ml or 1 gram per application.

Elmore Oil also clearly wins in the other key area of product performance, as the product is not only a pain reliever but it is also an anti inflammatory, which puts it in the performance category of products like Voltaren and Difflam, but at less than 1/6th of the cost.

“Obviously price isn’t everything,” says Mr Andrews “and with Elmore Oil clearly streets ahead on cost per day, as well as being an anti-inflammatory, it’s the clear winner in our survey results.”

When asked for his comments on the results of the survey, Managing Director of the Elmore Oil Company, Mark Linford, was quick to point out the obvious. “This survey has just pointed out what we have known for years. Elmore Oil is clearly the best value for money on the market in this product category and our customers attest to that. With over 600,000 customers in Australia and exports to 12 countries around the world its evidence enough that our product works. We couldn’t provide the guarantee we do if it didn’t do the job.”

With 46% of women and 37% of men experiencing pain daily, according to a recent Gallup survey, it’s no wonder that topical pain relievers are highly sought after, yet often consumers switch brands based on the pack price of a bottle. Now the numbers are clear perhaps price savvy shoppers will now look deeper before they jump off a good thing.

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