Book Reveals “Unwritten” Effective Job Hunting Strategies

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The newly published book “Shred Your Resume and Find a Job Fast” reveals “unwritten” effective job hunting strategies outside the traditional job hunting techniques of CV submissions, recruitment centres, and job forums.

Employing passive job search strategies will most likely make you part the of 8 percent unemployment statistics.

Chris Pires, author of the book that is available in soft-cover and e-book editions distributed in the US, Canadian and UK markets, shares the strategies that he has employed himself and landed him high level jobs busting conventional methods that are no longer efficient in today’s tight and competitive jobs market.

Based on his own experience, he also shattered long held beliefs that remarkable academic standing in higher education and achievements are the only proven ways to landing the perfect job.

Chris Pires said that in order for a candidate to successfully realize his career plans he has to be innovative, interactive and scientific in his approach. “Being innovative means you cannot do what everybody else is doing. You will never get ahead of the race if you continue utilizing traditional job methods. Employing passive job search strategies will most likely make you part the of 8 percent unemployment statistics,” he added.

These passive strategies may have worked in the ‘60s, but rapid and drastic changes in the jobs market have made these obsolete and ineffective, Chris Pires added. “You still need your Resume, but you cannot just wait in line until you get a call from one of the 200 companies where you submitted your Resume. You might be waiting for 6 months and more as Resume’s continuously pile up on the desks of hiring managers,” he stated.

Chris Pires is a strong advocate of the concepts of networking, information interviews, mentoring, and working with teams which he has successfully employed in his own job search. He said these processes should be conducted in a scientific manner where candidates draft plans and complement these with relevant research and by interacting with key players in their chosen field.

He said job seekers need to be aggressive, and at the same time insightful of company culture and trends. They need to be perceptive and sensitive about the values and thought processes of their mentors and people in their network, and be able to build reciprocal relationships that will create its own value over time.

Chris Pires’ authority stems from his own job seeking experience which led to the previously unwritten strategies penned in his book “Shred Your Resume and Find a Job Fast.” Using his own principles in job seeking, Chris Pires was able to overcome academic shortcomings, and his first interview led him to a position created specifically for him by the Vice President of a major telecommunications giant.

Though neither a trained recruitment specialist nor an expert in HR, Chris Pires has unequivocally succeeded in getting any job that he has targeted, regardless of degrees, MAs or years of experience “required” by employers.

He gladly shares the guiding principles and strategies of his feat which are laid out in the book.

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