KettleBell Concepts Launches Level 2 Instructor Training: Kettlebells for Metabolic and Neurological Adaptation

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KBC, in conjunction with Vincent Metzo, one KBC's top Senior Instructors, has launched a Level 2 kettlebell instructor training. The class is geared specifically for fitness professionals who want to take their own own professional development (as well as their clients) to the next level of skill training with kettlebells.

Kettlebells are fun, sexy, and cool but they're not magic," states Metzo, creator of the Level 2 course. "As fitness professionals it's our job to make this exciting modality safe, relevant, and effective for our clients."

Kettlebell Concepts in conjunction with Vincent Metzo, one of KBC’s top Senior Instructors, has launched their long awaited follow up to their Level 1 Instructor Training course. As demand for high quality kettlebell education and programming increases among club owners and fitness professionals, KBC continues to work to meet those demands for those trainers who want to take themselves, and their clients, to the next level of development. KBC is currently rolling out Level 2 courses nationwide. Club owners or managers can host KBC by going here:

Ganulin met Vince Metzo in 2003 while out on a cold call. Metzo is currently Dean of the Exercise Science Program at the renowned Swedish Institute in NYC and like many at the time, Metzo did not know about kettlebells nor how they were used. After becoming convinced of their efficacy and impressed with the vision of KBC, Vince joined the team as a Senior Instructor. "Kettlebells are fun, sexy, and cool but they're not magic,” states Metzo, creator of the Level 2 course. He continues, “As fitness professionals it's our job to make this exciting modality safe, relevant, and effective for our clients. That necessitates a solid understanding of energy systems, programming, intervals, circuits, motor learning and kettlebell technique.”

“When Dave asked me to write an advanced training for KBC, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Because of my experience teaching the Level 1 training and my own kb boot camps for the last 5 years, I knew that metabolic and neurological adaptations are two areas that really needed more exploration.” Metzo continues, “Power endurance, short-muscular endurance, medium-muscular endurance, long-muscular endurance, speed-strength, strength-speed, alactic, lactic, aerobic, immediate, short-term, or long-term—what is really being trained with kettlebells? Are we really being relevant and effective in helping our clients and athletes meet their goals or are we doing what is easy and looks cool without considering what's really going on in the client’s body?”

“This workshop dissects and discusses program design for these specific parameters in addition to teaching some ‘cool’ new exercises with kettlebells,” laughs Vince. “It's not what you do, but how you do it. The kettlebell is a tool that we as professionals can use to our advantage by applying the specific knowledge that is our trade. In this workshop a developmental and educational approach that combines motor skills and higher cerebral processes is explored to achieve an integration between body and mind. Laterality, directionality, lateral preference, sensory feedback, body schema and praxis are all discussed along with their relationship to KB’s and program design. Through this type of in depth exploration we can better serve our athletes and clients creating metabolically and neurologically integrated programs that are greater than the sum of their parts.”

Dave Ganulin, CEO states, “I often compare kettlebell training to Pilates, Yoga, or martial arts—disciplines people spend their entire lives learning. Although the kettlebell is a very simple looking tool, training with it to learn the ‘how’s’ as well as the ‘why’s behind the how’s’ is critical.—and that’s an on-going process! In Girevoy Sport (kettlebell competitions) or Olympic Style weight training, competitors spend their lives trying to perfect just the snatch and the clean and jerk! How is it therefore possible to ‘know’ kettlebell training after one weekend? So far, every Level 2 course we’ve done has sold out. This tells me people are truly hungry for more information on a higher level. Our Group Ex training and our Level 1 training are merely the tip of the iceberg—and as demand for continuing kettlebell education and programming increases—we will continue to work hard to meet it by providing the high quality, CEC-approved, science-based courses we have come to be recognized for.”

About KettleBell Concepts
KettleBell Concepts, based in New York City, supplies both kettlebells and kettlebell instructor trainings to health clubs personal trainers and boot camps all over the world. Its courses are CEC/U approved by the NASM, NSCA, ACE, AFAA, ISSA and other governing organizations. The company has trained over 4,000 instructors internationally. It has trained instructors at Equinox health clubs, Spectrum health clubs, La Palestra Center for Preventative Medicine, TSI, Life Time, LA Fitness, Crunch, Sports Club/LA, Highland Park Hospital and many others. For further information call (800) 876-6090 x711, email info(at)kettlebellconcepts(dot)com, or visit

About Vincent Metzo
Vince is the Dean of the Exercise Science/Advanced Personal Training Program at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences as well as the author of KBC's Level 2 Advanced 2 Day Instructor Training: KettleBells for Metabolic and Neurological Adaptation. He is the Chairman of the Science Department at the Swedish and the Director of the Your BodyWorks Personal Training and Massage Therapy Program at H&D Physical Therapy in New York City. Vincent's dance, theatre, and acrobatics background lead him to choose exercise science and education as a career. In addition to the development and teaching of the Focus on Flexibility Workshop Series and Flexibility and Corrective Exercise Specialist (FCES) certificate, Vincent is a strong advocate of training with kettlebells because of their transferability to real-life movements. Vincent teaches Kettlebell boot camps at the Swedish Institute for massage therapy and exercise students as well as members of the community at large. He lives in Westchester with his wife and twin sons.

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