Pure PC, LLC Announces Official Company Launch

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Pure PC Company information and product descriptions.

. With their addition to our line-up, you can expect great giveaways and competitions in the very near future, so get ready to grab your chance at winning some of their babies.

Pure PC (LLC) and its founders, in conjunction with Manaflask.com are elated to show off its first line of super powered gaming computers custom tailored for the discerning player. Pure PC is a company forged by purebred gamers from the top to the bottom who wanted to share their passion for their community by lifting the extreme and often complicated metrics of building a vastly capable machine out of the hands of the consumer for an easy, informed exchange that emphasizes peace of mind over all.

With a cutting edge upgrade ladder comprised of scalable machines running on power performing hardware such as Intel's hyper threaded i3-i7 64 bit processors that utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques for the highest possible performances, Nvidia's modular SLI system for the latest 3D content, allowing any gamer to double or triple their GPU juice, and the latest ATI Radeon Series cards for amazing true high definition visuals, Pure PC is sure to cover every possible gaming demographic, from the weekend death matcher to the career mage, on top of giving them an educated selection of customization options. Machined and tooled to super car performance inside and out, constructed in the United States for unrivaled design quality with clean interiors focusing on airflow that keeps machines running ultra cool dozens of hours deep.

Unparalleled warranty with lifetime support and five astounding years of parts coverage ensure gamers keep gaming uninterrupted for as long as possible. All the underpinnings of a hardcore game company with a tranquil, peace-of-mind mentality whose drive is to build the next great gaming machine. Pure PC and its founders take pride in a product that is built from the ground up for fun and its equal distribution.

Hans Christian 'liQ' Dürr, co-founder of Manaflask: “Manaflask is all about the community that has been built around our Guilds; Ensidia as ex Nihilum and SK / Curse, as well as For the Horde. We pick our partners very carefully, because this is not solely about business, it's about getting partners that share the same passion for MMO gaming and the community around it, it's about sponsors that are willing to support not only our players, but what I consider our bread and butter: You, the community! With Pure PC, we've added an exceptional and enthusiastic team that creates gaming monsters, and I call them that because they really are more than just „PCs“. With their addition to our line-up, you can expect great giveaways and competitions in the very near future, so get ready to grab your chance at winning some of their babies.”

Pure Bliss
Nothing entry level about it. A zen balance of efficiency and ability. Perfectly scalable to suit every last need, from the mundane to machine guns and everywhere in between. Powered by Intel's lightning quick i3 chip, and a beefy nVidia graphics card, Bliss will keep you playing the newest games quickly at baseline, and breathtaking at maximum settings on the most demanding of displays. A minimum of 4GB of Kingston RAM ensures it. Store three thousand hours of movies or a few million songs on the insatiable Terabyte hard drive. Right out of the box. Put your whole life on it. Windows 7 home premium can manage that easily. Allow it to bring you harmony, this is computing bliss.

Pure Thrill
Inspire that free fall feeling in your stomach with every keystroke. Pure thrill pushes further onto the accelerator of gaming computing. Hammer recommended specs with a smirk on your face. The supercharged Intel i5 processor in conjunction with the super powered ATI HD 6850 graphics card help you cross the bridge between player and champion. Stunning graphics at staggering frame rates all tweaked to super car performance specifically engineered for tomorrows game. Run at enthusiasts settings without a hiccup. Smash benchmarks without breaking a sweat. This is where gamers go, this is a weapon of choice. Be thrilled.

Pure Power
Paint them green with envy, or make them blush, depending on who your talking to. Unbridled, unadulterated speed. That's what we strove for with the Pure Power. One hundred percent tweaked aftermarket quality in one easy package. Overclocked and supercharged by the time it gets to you. Handle polygon counts in the theoretical range. Frame rates beyond the human eye's detection threshold alongside ATI's HD 5870 series graphics card. Push beyond the game into high quality rendering, then jump back into a play space for a break, simultaneously and instantly with Intel's transcendent i7 processor. A few years ago you would have needed a farm of computers to equate to this monster machine. Game proof. Foolproof. Future proof. This is our manifestation of Pure Power.

Contact information:
Pure PC Offices (Corporate and Shipping)

Pure PC, LLC.
2751 Electonic Ln
Dallas, TX 75220

Mon - Sun 9:00am - 7:00pm EST

Mon - Sun 9:00am - 7:00pm EST


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