Dating Guru Reveals Why Casanova was so Attractive: Casanova’s Three Secrets of Success

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An insider’s look on why the fabled romantic Casanova was so attractive to women and how single men everywhere might potentially create just as much attraction.

Five years after the (pretty good) Heath Ledger Casanova movie and more than 200 years after the death of the real life Casanova, Giacomo Casanova, this legendary romantic slash womanizer still hasn’t lost his appeal. How come? And what can single men learn from Casanova, the most famous player in the world?

Dating guru Dennis Miedema, who swears by Casanova, explains: “There are 3 major traits that set Casanova apart from every other womanizer. They are his secrets of success or so to speak, and it’s 100% guaranteed that men can attract women with them because they’re so easy to learn and use!”

He elaborates: “Casanova’s three secrets of success were urgency, not accepting any artificial barriers, and setting the mood. Let’s look at each of these one by one.”

Dennis Miedema then explains the first secret: “It’s a commonly accepted practice in marketing to introduce urgency just before a potential customer makes his buying decision. This way, someone is forced to make a decision now or lose the chance to get a product because it won’t be available anymore. Somehow Giacomo Casanova already knew this back in 1745.”

He illustrates his point: “Casanova was always traveling, never stayed anywhere for long, and women knew it. He created attraction just like any other man did, but because women knew he could leave any minute? They were forced to choose between being with him then and there and never seeing him again. Guess what they chose?”

Dennis concludes: “Single men should start applying this when they’re trying to meet women as well. How? For example, say a guy wants to ask a woman’s phone number. He should first say he’s going to another club in a minute, because then she either gives him her number or will never see him again. Guess what she’ll choose?”

Dennis Miedema continues with Casanova’s second secret: “People have so many prejudices about age, religion, race, and even sexual freedom these days. Example: a woman who sleeps with several men in one week is called a slut while a man who sleeps with several women a week is seen as a hero. Meanwhile, men don’t want to sleep with a sexually experienced woman because 'she’s a slut'. Casanova didn’t care about any of this and single men shouldn’t either.”

He explains: “Sure, it’s easier to date someone of your own religion or your own age group, but who said the easiest route is the best route to take? The difficult route is usually best! Looking past all artificial barriers is a game changer for the single man, because all of a sudden there’ll be twice as many women he can meet and date just by looking past age for example. When single guys give themselves freedom of choice, they will get more dates. It’s how Casanova did it: he met women 10 years younger or older and from all kinds of religions and races.”

Finally, Dennis reveals Casanova’s third secret: “Because of computers, phones, and other machines we are so out of touch with our surroundings that we forget all about how important setting the mood is. See, Giacomo Casanova would take the woman he wanted not to a regular opera, but to an opera in a church filled with gold (like most are) and with the most magical lighting. Beautiful setting! The woman would practically seduce herself because the setting was incredibly romantic. All he had to do then was going for the kiss.”

He concludes: “Less talking, more setting. Women are sensitive to their surroundings. In a romantic setting they’re more comfortable, open, and they will want to be seduced. All guys have to do in the right setting is going for the kiss just like Casanova did.”

Dennis Miedema is the author of the Simple Inner Game System and an authority of dating advice for men. During the last 2 years, he has helped 603 men approach 10,854 women, get 2,713 phone numbers, and go on 904 dates. If not more.

Dennis has been recognized by the Seduction Syndicate (an association for dating gurus) for giving expert advice to men about how to be just like Casanova, creating attraction, bad boys, and many other topics.

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