How Much Can Using the Most Efficient Laser Printer Save a Company?

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One of the most expensive and mismanaged portion of a typical business is the laser printer and copier fleet. Now there is a simple tool which can help overworked IT departments and business owners figure out how much money they are wasting on laser printers without initiating huge cost analytic studies.

Most enterprise accounts (large organizations with thousands of users) have an IT department who is responsible for technology decisions. Their decision making reign goes from the computers, to the servers to the firewalls to the laser printers and copiers. No IT or Purchasing department is really equipped to know everything they need to know to get the best pricing and best technology for their organization's situation. They depend on experts to advise and compare available products so they can make informed decisions. Laser printer and copier decisons can be the most expensive technology mistakes companies can make today because so few organizations actually speak to experts, they just purchase what they find online for the cheapest price. Small companies who don't have this staff advantage are no different.

Why should an organization look at laser printers as a potential source of cost savings? According to Jesse Harwell, owner of Pahoda Image Products:

“We have seen companies make countless mistakes when purchasing printer and copier products through our sites over the years due to an organizations conflicting goals. One department is concerned about short term equipment costs while the other is concerned about ongoing toner costs. Very few organizations have the ability to actually choose the right laser printer based on usage, and by extension, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). That’s how we can help, we look at TCO numbers and make recommendations as simple as swapping printers based on cost per print information for the ultimate betterment of the customer's bottom line"

So, how much can a business save? The answer is, it depends. The greater the quantity of inefficient laser printers a company has purchased to save up front capital, the more maximizing the fleet's efficiency will save a company. It is incredible to see how much money can be wasted by laser printers. Taking a simple color laser printer example, if a company owns an HP Color Laserjet 2605 color laser printer and prints a mere 2,000 color pages and 500 black and white pages a month, the company will spend over $20,000 more than the most cost efficient color laser printer would have cost (A Xerox ColorQube 8870) over 5 years! Crying over spilled milk isn't the solution. A quick assessment is necessary to see what kind of savings are available.

Most companies do not even want to initiate this kind of study unless they know it will be financially beneficial. Because of this tendency, Pahoda Image Products created an interesting tool which takes specific examples from customers and compares it against the most cost efficient laser printer on the market. This tool is called The Printer Challenge ( and is free to the curious consumer. It only addresses laser printers at this point in time. The consumer does have to put in their contact information to see what their printer was compared to (the actual model), but at least the financial differential can be seen before this information is required.

What if the organization wants to look at more than just one printer? Generally this is where a cost analyst comes into play as there are a lot more variables. In the example above, regarding the HP Color Laserjet 2605 printer, if the customer also has an HP Color LaserJet 4700 doing just 500 color prints per month, the two printers can be swapped and the business would save about $8,500 over 5 years or about $140 a month. Being efficient can really make a huge difference for companies struggling to keep their IT dollars under control.

What can a company save? According to the tools creator, a typical average is about $200 per laser printer per year. Finding the laser printer comparison tool provided by Pahoda Image Products is easy by going to their site

For those who want to do all the work themselves, another site is better for the laser printer comparisons.



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