The Recession has Changed Business and Sales Forever

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The recent recession has forced businesses of all sizes to make drastic changes in order to survive. As a result, the world of sales has changed forever. With companies cutting back and doing more with less in order to survive, companies have demanded that their employees increase their productivity. This has caused employees to become even more stressed out. The added stress and tension that buyers are dealing with is yet another obstacle in an already tough sales environment. Zach Braid, one of the founders of The Braid Corporation, created sales programs that embrace these changes. They help businesses and salespeople to identify buyers and build networks that generate referrals that make sales in these tough economic times. A list of these programs can be found at or by contacting The Braid Corporation directly.

The recent recession has forced businesses of all sizes to make drastic changes in order to survive. “The recent recession has done more to businesses than just force cut backs, layoffs, and increase employee productivity. It has also changed the way they make sales and gain revenue,” says Zach Braid, an expert on sales and business. “The world of sales has been changing over the past five years. It started with the increase in technology, and now the current recession has changed sales yet again. Businesses and salespeople need to target their prospects better. They need to be spending their time building their network of strategic partners and targeting real buyers of their products or services,” adds Braid.

“In years past a business or salesperson could spend the majority of their time cold calling, pounding the pavement and pounding on doors and find success. That is just not the case anymore. People, companies, and buyers are inundated with a barrage of immediate tasks that take priority over an intrusive cold call. The cold call’s main objective now is to set up a future meeting with a high value prospect, not to get an immediate sale. The more with less environment, is forcing employees to be more reactive. They want a vendor for a particular product or service when they demand it, not when they are called upon by a salesperson,” he said.

“The buck shot method of sales is dead. Not everyone can buy your product or service, with the internet the world is just too big. That is why companies need to be selective in who they prospect now,” said Zach Braid an expert author, business consultant and business advisor.

“There are many ways to identify and target the right prospects, thus ensuring that sales time is being productive. Prospect identification is just one of the things we do in our sales consulting and in our sales and marketing programs. The Braid Corporation works with everyone. We offer a variety of options at a variety of prices. We work with entrepreneurs, startup companies, small businesses, nonprofits and large public companies and their sales forces,” says Braid. There is more information about The Braid Corporation’s services at

“Our programs and services are much different from other firms out there. In our sales and marketing programs we address sales and marketing as a whole. We teach solid fundamentals that are easy to understand, use, and that are repeatable. I have been in professional sales at Fortune 1000 companies in the past, and I found a lot of success there. I attended all of the sales trainings they provided. I can say my success there was not a result of their trainings, because most of their trainings missed the mark. My success came from reading hundreds of books, attending seminars, and from fifteen years of trial and error. But I found what works. We teach our clients to identify the profitable prospects. We show them that the proper blend of cold calling, online marketing, soft marketing, market identification, and the formation of strategic partnerships can dramatically increase sales. Those are just to name a few,” stated Braid.

The Braid Corporation offers a range of consulting services and programs. They recently launched some new programs. They added two programs in customer service; one for large corporations and one for small to medium sized businesses. They also offer business operations programs. In those programs they work on streamlining businesses making every aspect of the business productive and profitable. According to Braid, the business operations programs also sparked new programs for government. Those government programs teach departments and agencies at all levels how to streamline processes and increase productivity, resulting in savings to the taxpayer.

“Businesses need all the help they can get right now. We don’t give them just any help; we give them the right kind of help. Our services and programs are based on solid fundamentals that have taken years to develop. They work in many different business environments, even this one,” says Braid.

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