A Newly Developed Language Decoder Reveals the Torah is the Lost Book of Thoth Who is Hebrew God Yhwh-Elohim

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In his upcoming book the Keys to the library, Joe Lanyadoo reveals a new decoder that offers a new understanding of the Torah, the origin of language and the origin of the human race. Using the decoder reveals that all religious writings tell the same story and were written by the same deity. The Tho-Ra was given to Moses 3500 years ago by its author Yhwh, E.l.h.i.m אֱלֹהִים who is none other than the Egyptian Moon god Thoth, the god of all knowledge and all writing who Lanyadoo claims wrote all religious myths.

The Egyptians claim the book of Thoth was lost, but in truth it is hidden in plain sight. This is what Lanyadoo claims in his upcoming book about the origin of the human race, religion and language called The Key to the Library listing over 30 points to support just such assertion. Below are 10 of those points.

  •                 Thoth’s other name "Dawty” is the origin of the Hebrew word “Daty,” meaning Religion. Dat ToRah, meaning the Religion of ToRah, uses both of Thoth’s names. The English word Deity is from the Hebrew Daty meaning Thoth or meaning Religion which are one and the same. The name of his consort, Maat the goddess of Truth, was used for the Hebrew Amet, meaning Truth.
  •                 Both Torah and the book of Thoth were reported as, “written with the finger of God,” on a stone provided by God.
  •                  Both Jews and Egyptians make the identical claim that the book of Thoth/Torah inscribes, “All of the secrets of the universe.”
  •     The Hebrew name Elohym spells the words El Hayam-, meaning “god of the ocean”, which the diacritical marks hide. This is a fitting acronym for the Moon god Thoth because the moon controls the oceans. This attribute also explains the reason why all life is water-based and Earth is a mostly watery planet that possesses a very unique Moon that acts like a planet. Beroshit, the first word in the Torah which was never used again was mistranslated as “in the beginning” but it literally means B.Rosh.iT = In.Head.Tho. Sabbath = Shab.aT = Sat.Tho.
  •     Yhwh/Tho/Elohim decreed the Jewish holidays basing them specifically on the less accurate moon cycles. It is important to note that Thoth is credited with inventing the 365 day sun year.
  •     Christian holidays are based on the sun/son god Ra which is the secret reason Christians switched to a calendar based on sun cycle, Chri-smass (callout.sun). Sun-Day celebrates the Sun/son god Ra/Yhwh. It also explains the meaning of the words Vatican beti.can = my-house.here and Catho.lic = This-sect.for-me. Together Jews and Christians worship the mysterious Yhwh a.k.a Tho & Ra. Hanukah called the “Holiday of Light”, like Christmas celebrates the “god of Light” (light = Or) the god Ra.

Once the Hebrew language codes are used, it becomes clear that the Torah is retelling the Sumerian-Egyptian myth almost verbatim, using very sophisticated computer generated codes. It somehow manages to combine names with attributes, while formulas become words.

  •     Mc2 becomes C.M.C which spells out shin.mem.shin = Shemesh-Sun. The formula-word C.M.C expresses how the sun makes energy. Finally, the speed of light is 300 km/m.s and the letter C-Shin has a value of 300. Einstein’s famous formula is the Hebrew word, shemesh/sun, CMC. It couldn’t have been a coincidence or lucky that Einstein “decided” to go with C (constant) for the speed of light instead of the more natural L.
  •     The Sun god Ra appears in Hebrew as the word Or, meaning Light, and Re-a, meaning, See/Mirror. It appears in English as Ray (sun) and most commonly as Re as in: re-do = mirror.do. It also appears in IsRaEl = There-is.Ra.god. This name was given to Jacob when he insisted on a name before he agreed to let-go of the god he was fighting.
  •     The decoded meaning of formula (fo.re.mila = here.see.word) demonstrates the magic of combining a word with an attribute. This kind of language was created by gods who according to the Sumerian Atra (Tha.Ra) Hassis myth came from the planet Ni.Baru, meaning the crossers in Sumerian sounding similar to He.brew–Evri meaning crosser in Hebrew, who landed here in a space ship 432,000 before the flood when Australopithecus roamed the land. They came in search for gold with which to save their planet and left us the Torah with which to save ours.

Lanyadoo demonstrates that the Torah, the book of Tho reveals that we Homo-Sepian (saphian = speaking.man) Cro.Ma.Gn.on (called.from.garden.god) were genetically redesigned as intelligent workers “to tend the garden”, that is why only hy.br.id (god.created.hand) male(m.el=from.god) was first created.

This event occurred only recently, a blink of an evolutionary eye ago, 60,000 years ago, but enough time for us to turn from barely surviving primates to gods on Earth. Combining those myths using Hebrew suggests that the Sumerian story tells the Tru.th (Tora.Tho), that the DNA (dn.a=verdicts.god) of a slain Anaki-god and earthlings blood was combined to create Adam. This is confirmed when the name Adam is decoded: A.dam = god.blood, Adama = Earth, Adam = Earthling.god-Blood.
Lanyadoo concludes that this has never been about the past; it’s always been about the Fu.Tu.Re = Here.Tho.See. Or: Here.Torah, preparing us for the time the Au.Tho.R of all knowledge, the programmer of our DNA, the god Elohim/Yhwh = Tho.Rah returns to reside in Ye.Ru.Shalaim= god.Ra.Complete. Shilem = paid-up. Shalem = one-Piece. Shalom = In.Peace

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