Medical Errors Lead to Rising Premiums and Personal Injury Litigation

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Personal Injury Litigation is on the Rise in America as Consumers Fight for Fair Treatment. America's Legal System Has Now Partnered with the State of the Art Technology Provided by Morgan Drexen. This Allows Both Attorneys and Consumers to Track Their Case Status Using the Latest Technology

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My premiums were high, but my insurance company paid well and we were looked after financially. Sadly the service we paid for and the treatment we received.

Medical error and neglect statistics are enormous and alarming.The American medical system is the number one killer in the United States according to statistics from the It sounds dramatic but it’s a fact that Americans are facing each day. Did you know that the total number of daily medical errors and deaths equals six jumbo jets crashing every day?

These statistics also confirm that each year in America, 7,000 patients die due to sloppy hand-written prescriptions and charts that are wrongly written or wrongly read. Each year, 7.5 million unnecessary medical and surgical procedures are performed. This all leads to the high premiums that are paid by Americans, often leading to uncontrollable debt.

For Theresa Adams it was not a medical error but medical neglect that lead to a personal injury claim. Theresa’s husband was admitted to hospital with severe diabetes and congestive heart failure. Theresa believes that the lack of care he received lead to his early demise.

Theresa admits, “He was not well take care of. One day he called out to a nurse and he was told to be quiet. She said ‘Go to sleep and don’t bother me.’ After his surgery his legs should have been elevated but they weren’t because the only thing holding the chair from toppling over was a garbage can.”

She admits her husbands’ health deteriorated due to the poor conditions. “My daughter and I would run up and down the hall searching for a nurse, you could never find one. Just unreal.”

After five months of poor treatment in the eyes of Theresa and her family, Mr. Adams was transferred to a different hospital. It was there he lost his life. Theresa adds, “If it were not for the bad care he would still be alive.”

After engaging with the Williamson Law Firm in Kansas, Theresa decided to take action against the hospital she deems “The hospital of death.” Attorey Lawrence Williamson attorney admitted, “This is not an unusual case. The litigation for medical based personal injury is increasing. Sadly, that means for many of us higher premiums.” The Willamson Law Firm is supported by the automation and legal documentation of Morgan Drexen. This automation allows all complex and confidential documents to be tracked at all times.

Theresa says, “My premiums were high, but my insurance company paid well and we were looked after financially. Sadly the service we paid for and the treatment we received.”

According to statistics from the, only 3% of physicians believe that medical errors are a principal health concern. Many doctors say they would do more medical error reporting but the systems in place are simply inadequate.

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