Informant Lawyer to Testify Against His Former Client Facing Life in Prison

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The Governments star witness Attorney Richard Haddock is anticipated to take the stand this week in an Omaha Federal District Court testifying against his former client Shannon Williams. The issue before the court is whether evidence gathered by Haddock, who was apparently the attorney for his client Shannon Williams, is admissible against Williams in a criminal action which he faces a life sentence. This is the first time his client will have the opportunity to confront and question Haddock since Williams was indicted about a year ago.

"If the Government can get away with this, it will be tantamount to a nuclear shockwave within the legal circles and the nuclear winter thereafter will chill to the core the confidence of any client entrusting their attorney to keep thier secrets!

Just when most Federal Courts across the nation are winding down for the holidays, in Omaha, Nebraska they are heating up! In a landmark case set to be tried before a jury on January 3rd, 2011, testimony continues today in a pretrial suppression/dismissal motion.

This case has all the elements of drugs, sex, scandal and betrayal.

The Defendant Shannon Williams is charged with federal parole violations, and was indicted on multiple drug trafficking offenses and is facing a life sentence. Williams, according to the government and testimony taken in the case, is an alleged reputed marijuana kingpin of Arizona and Nebraska.

Williams was represented by Nebraska attorney Richard Haddock of the law firm of Raynor, Rensch and Pfeiffer of Omaha, NE, now turned government informant and star witness is testifying against Mr. Williams. Mr. Haddock testified at a hearing that, unbeknownst to Mr. Williams (whom Williams paid thousands to Haddock to represent him) was also acting as a paid informant/snitch/government witness. He allegedly carried a government wired cell phone into the Omaha, Douglas County Jail; assisted in the wire tapping of the attorney client jail room; encouraged and recruited others to inform against his then client Mr. Williams and was paid by the government close to $50,000.00 for his efforts.

His apparent initial motive was to gain favor of a love interest whom he represented as her counsel and had an alleged sexual relationship. Per court documents and testimony of various law enforcement officials, she herself was arrested for drug violations and was under investigation. Haddock’s assistance/cooperation against Williams allegedly was in an effort to absolve her of all charges. Haddock had never been investigated for any related criminal activity prior to his cooperation with the government.

The Government, in their pleadings and in open court, deny that they employed Mr. Haddock as a government witness knowing he was legal counsel for Mr. Williams. They also deny that they had knowledge of Mr. Haddock’s alleged mental breakdown and psychiatric struggles before and during his cooperation with the Government. Mr. Haddock’s law license with the State of Nebraska has yet to be revoked, suspended or reinstated upon information and belief.

Ray Richards a Detroit criminal defense attorney and trial lawyer, represents Mr. Williams and his family in an anticipated legal malpractice, civil rights and civil conspiracy lawsuit says this case is "blockbuster and brow raising" and is "significant as much as it is salacious". At stake he says is the uncloaking of the protections of every American’s Sixth Amendment right to counsel and the tenets, sanctity and assurances that come with the attorney client privilege. "If the government can get away with this, it will be tantamount to a nuclear shockwave within the legal community and the nuclear winter thereafter will chill to the core the confidence of every criminal defendant in trusting their attorney to keep their secrets and confidences."

Testimony has resumed in the Courtroom of Omaha Federal District Court Judge Lyle Strom. The case information is as follows: United States of America vs Williams et al case number 8:09-cr-00457-LES-FG3-1, other court case number 8:08:CR380 USDC-NE. It is anticipated that Haddock will take the stand under cross examination by the defense by weeks end.

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