New Study Stimulates Debate about Big Business Giving; Charitable Boat Donation Organization Challenges Charities to Match Big Business

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Weber Shandwick study shows solving global social problems is the number one reason big businesses give to charity. Boats with Causes Director Don Smith takes the recently published survey as an opportunity to issue a challenge to all charitable organizations to match big business giving. Boats with Causes provides a more transparent charitable system affording Donors more choice in how their charitable donations will be spent.

"If you have a boat or larger sea vessel such as a yacht that you no longer wish to own, then you can donate it to Boats with Causes and choose exactly how the proceeds will be spent."
-Don Smith

The results are in from a new study conducted by Weber Shandwick, a public relations firm based in New York: Big companies are most likely to give to charity because they want to make an impact in the lives of those who are less fortunate, to solve pressing national and global social problems.

Somewhere out there, captain obvious, self-satisfied grin and all, is saying, "That is what I've been saying. Did I mention the sky is blue?" The twist comes in the way of a public statement issued by Boats with Causes Director Don Smith in which he shares his thoughts on the survey, "The data from this survey tells us a lot more than what we get at face value." He continues, "It really makes us take a step back and ask ourselves, 'Who is giving, and why?'"

Boats with Causes is a non-profit, non-denominational, faith-based charitable boat donation program devoted to using the funding from all kinds of boat donations to effect positive change in communities world wide. For over a decade Boats with Causes has accepted a wide assortment of seagoing vessels, including jet skis, and larger donations such as motorboats, sailboats, and yacht donations to help support those who are less fortunate, including children, the elderly, and victims of abuse.

"Let's be thankful for big business giving," says Smith. "It's a tremendously helpful source of income for charitable organizations everywhere. But I want to issue a challenge to all charitable organizations to match the results of big business and to convey to the public that charitable networks, like Boats with Causes, provide a closer link connecting generous donors to causes they are passionate about."

According to Smith big business unfortunately entails a thick wall of bureaucracy separating donors from those who are less fortunate. "Once you make a donation to big business, that's it; they take over. You have very little say in what happens next beyond a vague and general sense of where your money is going." With charitable organizations like Boats with Causes, which is part of the larger With Causes Network, you get to choose exactly where your donations go when you donate your used boat or sea vessel, donate car, donate computer, donate real estate, or donate collectible items.

A great example of With Causes' level of directness and scope of causes happened a few weeks ago when John Tyner-whose claim to fame came when he told an airport TSA screener, "If you touch my junk I'll have you arrested"-was threatened with a $10,000 fine by TSA administrators. An anonymous donor called With Causes to donate his car and instructed the charitable network to use the proceeds to pay for the fine.

Recently Boats with Causes made national headlines in the Examiner magazine when Director Don Smith issued a press release responding to this year's momentous Giving Pledge, which was created by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to transform charitable giving into a calling for America's wealthiest citizens. In it Smith renews Boats with Causes' enduring pledge to ethical social responsibility, to serve communities in the US and beyond, and adding that charitable giving ought to be a calling for all Americans who can help, not just the very rich. Read full press release here.

"You don't have to rely on big business to make a huge difference in the lives of those who have fallen on hard times," says Smith, "If you have a boat or larger sea vessel such as a yacht that you no longer wish to own, then you can donate it to Boats with Causes and choose exactly how the proceeds will be spent."

Boats with Causes, which partners with Works of Life International Ministries, combining philanthropic efforts to help families and individuals in need, accepts any boat donation whether it runs or not. A network of mechanics across the US will turn any boat into a sellable vessel the proceeds of which will go directly to help fund many worthy causes worldwide.

For more information, call Boats with Causes toll free at 888-228-7320 or log on to to speak with a live chat representative.

Works of Life International Ministries

Boats with Causes

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About Boats with Causes/Works of Life Intl. Ministries Inc.:

Operating since 2002 Boats with Causes is a non-profit, non-denominational faith-based charitable organization that provides charitable works for other like-minded organizations in the form of endowments, grants and much, much more.

Their clients range from social service agencies to private non-profits, hospitals and more importantly individuals with special needs including victims of crime, military families, those with physical challenges and victims of abuse.

Many volunteers are led to the Ministry from questionable lives they wish to leave behind, serving others as a way to pay back those in need. Many simply looking for a better way to give of themselves. "We invite all with a heartfelt desire to serve and to serve the public responsibly."

The company currently has a substantial international volunteer base operating out of offices in primarily the United States.

Boats with Causes has enjoyed a successful relationship with many like-minded charitable Organizations, developing residential based programs for those interested in Ministering to others but limited physically in doing so.


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