New Evaporation Suppression Product Creates “Virtual Reservoir”

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San Diego Company Licenses Australian Product Goes to Market with PoolRx as Master Distributor

Aquatain Anti Evaporation cuts water loss 50 percent from water surfaces.

Aquatain Solutions, Inc., San Diego, announced today that it had licensed a high-performance evaporation suppression product, Aquatain Anti-Evaporation(TM), from an Australian company. The company’s founders are San Diego, Calif., businessmen Steven Taylor and Sonny Brady.

“We’re aiming to introduce evaporation reduction from water surfaces as a major new water and energy conservation tool in the United States,” said Taylor, managing director of the company. “Aquatain is ideally suited for three water conservation critical needs,” he said, “swimming pools, ponds and reservoirs.”

Aquatain announced that it had appointed PoolRX, a Rancho Santa Margarita, CA-based company, as its sales and marketing arm. Taylor said, “PoolRX years of experience in the swimming pool & spa industry will help us to penetrate those markets much faster. We view their acceptance of this product into their network as a major validation of our decision to introduce the Aquatain Anti Evaporation product into the U.S.”

Tests conducted by the company in October at a 1.3-acre pond at the Sycuan Golf Course in San Diego County showed that evaporation there could be reduced by nearly 75 percent through the use of Aquatain, an organic, silicone-based polymer. Aquatain has also been used to reduce evaporation from the pool at the Wave House San Diego recreation venue at the historic Belmont Park.

“Potentially the largest market for the Aquatain Anti-Evaporation product,” said Taylor, are water supply reservoirs (there are 400 in California alone) that provide the water for hydroelectric power throughout the country. “Water supplies and power production are impacted by large water losses due to evaporation,” especially in the arid Southwest. "In some areas, municipal water supply is critically dependent on surface reservoirs," Taylor added.

Background on Water Evaporation
A one-acre reservoir in Southern California can lose nearly 2 million gallons or 5.8 acre-feet per year through evaporation. A typical swimming pool can lose an amount equal to its entire volume through evaporation in a year. Finding ways to control and reduce evaporation can have a long-term benefit for a region’s water supply. In this way, evaporation suppression with a product such as Aquatain represents a new “virtual reservoir,” which typically costs one-third to one-fifth the cost of new water supplies.

For most golf courses, reservoirs and swimming pools, water loss represents one of the biggest operating costs and operating issues. Aquatain has been shown consistently to reduce water loss by 50 percent or more.

Aquatain has been widely used in Australia for years and is certified as safe for contact with human and marine life by NSF International, under NSF/ANSI Standard 60. Use of silicone-based solutions to control evaporation has been studied for more than 50 years.

“Aquatain represents an overlooked supplemental water supply in water-short areas such as Southern California, Nevada and Arizona,” said Steven Taylor of Aquatain Solutions. “Conserving water is not simply a good idea, it is vital to sustaining regional economies throughout the Southwest U.S. and maintaining our quality of life.”

Taylor expects public water agencies that operate large open-surface reservoirs to ultimately make up the largest customer base for Aquatain. It costs roughly $150 to $200 to save an acre-foot of water using Aquatain. By contrast, for example, San Diego-area water agencies pay roughly $500 to $600 per acre-foot for imported water, two to three times the cost of saving water lost to evaporation.

Aquatain is also an energy saver. As water evaporates, new water must be pumped in, and in the case of swimming pools, heated. With less water evaporation, significantly less electricity and gas are needed to pump and/or heat water.

About AquatainTM
Aquatain belongs to a class of products sometimes referred to as “liquid pool covers,” because when added to a swimming pool, it reduces evaporation much like a plastic pool cover. Arizona’s Salt River Project (SRP), the electric power utility for the Phoenix area, has endorsed liquid pool covers as an effective way to save money, energy and water. An SRP video, featuring silicone liquids such as Aquatain, can be seen at this link:

About Aquatain Solutions
Steven Taylor and Sonny Brady, both of San Diego, formed Aquatain Solutions to market and eventually manufacture the Aquatain product for use in the U.S. The company will initially focus on market opportunities in California, Florida and the Southwest. PoolRX is the sales and marketing arm for Aquatain Solutions for the swimming pool industry. For more information, visit

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